Libby arrives in Tel Aviv to find her father whom she has not seen for a long time. This is the beginning of the second Lebanon war and they end up in a shelter, anti-aircraft fire. In order to find a roof, they are designed to mimic the refugees of the North and are greeted by a rich family in Jerusalem.

Original title : Orchim LaRega

Realization : Maya Kenig

Scenario : Maya Kenig, Dana Dimant

Main actors : Gurt Bentvich, Elya Inbar

Country of origin : Israel

Output : 12 June 2013

DVD release : October 1, 2013

Duration : 1h26mn

Trailer :

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I’ve always had a certain affection for the road movie. Or what’s approach. It must be said, my first, it was Thelma and Louise with my mother. So good, necessarily…

So I was quite happy to get the DVD Off White Lies. In effect, laying the basis for a road movie that was original and engaging, I have let myself be carried away by this bubble film really nice.

Featuring a father and daughter who learn to know each other on a journey, experimental, and rich in twists and turns, the film lets watch it without any problem. Atypical and distracting, Off White Lies has the charm of the films indie. A certain ability to attract the viewer and attach it to his cause ; to give him the impression that he lives the story with the characters. We must do this to a realization and a scenario without grandiloquence, which allow everyone to identify with the characters. Story of a reconstruction of the arc family mingled with the history of the country, the scenario day just on the tempo and the credit given to these two aspects. The two intersect and serve as the breath of life to the other.

Thanks to this mix between History and story, a comic force emerges. Indeed, the two protagonists use the events in their countries in order to try to build their new life. This is the story of a birth. For a reunion. We see the hero struggle and survive as they can while seeking out and trying to build on shaky, a new beginning. It is endearing, and honourable, and even in the realization, fine, that follows the characters blows soulful camera.

A bubble of cinema friendly.

The characters, precisely, are the engine of the action. It follows, little by little, with their defects, their weaknesses, make themselves a place and trying to move forward. The reconstruction, the awakening are the main topics addressed in this film. The awakening is even personified by the teenager, who discovers life, love, while the reconstruction is it personified by the father, a nice looser and caring, who tries in vain to restore meaning to his life. His new life, which now includes his daughter.

There is a couple film built around relationships subsidiaries who is struggling, who is tame, that grew together, and whose adventures are slight, but to the intonations serious. Indeed, Off White Lies has the strength to hide the themes are heavy and important behind like simple and funny. The film is indeed a true source of topics covered are eclectic. By details, the film reaches and touches, finally, multiple serious questions : abandonment, broken families, poverty, love…

It is, therefore, under the allure sympathetic as the film reveals and book finally a complete work, and rich, interesting, and human. A road movie, fun, colourful, worn by actors that are fair and riders, with a strong background. It is not bad when even this, is not it ?

Publisher : Zylo

Distributor : Zylo

Number of disc(s) : 1

Format : DVD-9

Case : Keep Case

Bitrate : –

Authoring : –

Video Format : 1.85 – 16/9 Anamorphic (compatible 4/3)

Zone : 2

Standard : PAL

Image : Color

Audio : dolby Digital – Hebrew 2.0

Sub-titles : French

Deaf and hard of hearing : None


– No



Bare Minimum. The film, and that is all. I’m not going to dwell on. We will further say that I do too.

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