During the second world war, the mathematician and cryptologue Alan Turing is hired by the british government to help understand how this works Enigma, a machine designed by the germans to send coded messages. This pitch seems to be fictional, and yet it is based on a true story. Alas little known to the general public, Alan Turing has been an important element in the british camp during this conflict. The controls of the movie, another little known, the director is Norwegian Morten Tyldum. This name does not tell you much of anything, certainly, yet you should know that it was signed in 2008, Headhunters, which remains to this day as the film Norwegian the most profitable ever made. This is no doubt due to this success that he finds himself propelled this year at the head of the Imitation Game, with a budget of nearly $ 15 million and a cast renowned.

Imitation Game would it be the new The King’s Speech ? The points of concordance accumulate so much in the recipe of these two films that one is obliged to find a link. A historical subject more or less well-known, an actor excellent, a pinch of emotions and the whole thing cooked up by a chef more or less known before. Everything combines to say that the film Morten Tyldum has been designed in order to interfere in the race for the Oscars. But the Imitation Game does not deserve praise. There is a lack of soul in this film, the production is too obvious to let them fool you. Start with the realization impersonal of Morten Tyldum. It totally erases behind his subject, to let ourselves get carried away in the scenario and does not fit in with the ambitions of his main character. Any director lambda could have signed this film, we would not be surprised. It is the exact opposite of Pasolini, released a few weeks ago. The film Ferrara was not omnibulé by the story and deliver a real proposal for a cinema. Which was not adhered to more or less certainly (see our criticism 1 and criticism 2), but it had the merit to exist ! Imitation Game has at least useful to know Alan Turing and remains hooked to the movie for the educational aspect. Although this is all to his honor to put this character known in the light, we are obliged to admit disappointed with the classicism boring leading the film. The flaws of writing are returning, all the more so, as, the head of the list, these flashbacks that we would be well past. The on-explanation the permanent never leaves the place to the finesse, is given pre-chewed for trying to move the spectator. The last 30 minutes venture to deal with the issue of homosexuality in the 40s. Was it necessary to the film ? Maybe I would be bad language on this one but I find it hard to see another explanation as to draw tears from the spectators with this end is placed under the sign of pathos. This part of the scenario would simply be a movie all to itself. With another producer at the controls, of course.

The major asset of non contestable d’Imitation Game called Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, 12 Years a Slave). If there is only one reason why the vision of this film is justified, it is him. Actor too little present on the big screens and too little exploited as the first role, he finally found a composition that allows him to burst the eyes of the general public. If only this film could allow him to enquiller on other projects the highlighting, it would be the greatest success of the film. His character, between cynicism, wickedness, and inability to establish ties with the world of work since its first appearance. He won the affection of the audience little by little so that the manner in which it addresses in the first stage does not allow to suspect that this future commitment. He eats the other players by his play and by the quality of its replicas, which makes the rest of the cast fade in comparison. I would have liked to be able to speak well of Keira Knightley or Matthew Goode, unfortunately for them I have in mind that the overwhelming performance of Cumberbatch. The secondary actors do the job without pulling their pins of the game. The comparison with The King’s Speech finds its justification in the most obvious challenges when. The film of Tom Hooper, in his time, hiding its flaws and its pervasive classicism behind the extraordinary performance of the excellent Colin Firth. It is enough to replace Tom Hooper by Morten Tyldum and that of Firth by Cumberbatch and then the sentence is the same.

“A biopic tailor-made for the Oscars, lacking in personality, but worn by the excellent Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Objectively, by taking point by point the elements of the technical component of a film, one can not disparage the Imitation Game. The staging is clean, the music ofAlexandre Desplat will not remain among his best creations, but it does not clutter the film, the photograph fits correctly at the time without flash. Yes, it is a movie designed without a foul taste. More than that, it is a movie designed with no taste at all. The lack of ambition and personality is to be deplored. As the treatment related to the war. This threat hovers over the characters without finding an effect in terms of dramatic tension. It becomes logically difficult to take interest in the issues of the scenario. At least the movie would have been able to offer a little more of the show to the office of honourable entertainment. Instead of the actual result, a little boring. It would be a shame to see him leave the Oscars, on February 22, with something other than the Male Interpretation Award.

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Benedict Cumberbatch : the game of imitations

Original title : The Imitation Game

Realization : Morten Tyldum

Screenplay : Graham Moore, based on the work of Andrew Hodges

Main actors : Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode

Country of origin : England, U. S. A.

Released : January 28, 2015

Duration : 1h55min

Distributor : StudioCanal

Synopsis : 1940 : Alan Turing, mathematician, cryptologue, was commissioned by the British government to uncover the secret of the famous machine of encryption German Enigma, deemed inviolable.

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