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This week, we’re going to talk about crowdfunding or, in other words the crowdfunding. But before starting this topic that I find fascinating, I would like to thank our friends from the Fan page and the page Facebook of the blog. They have been a big help because I didn’t know what you wanted to read…this week I have therefore helped to m ‘guide, thanks to them. As the last article “to make his movie all alone” has not malfunctioned, I decided to talk about the crowdfunding , which is, for me, a double-edged sword…(it is necessary to read this last sentence with a tone of suspense, of mystery…this is a phrase that has to do PPEEEUUURRRRR ;o)) but also a way to find the money.

Crowdfunding before being ?

The crowdfunding was made possible thanks to the democratisation of the internet and social networks (Thank you MARK Zu…). In short, it allows a project developer to submit it to the appreciation of the internet users. The project owner gives/ exchange consideration : nothing, thank you, figuration, movie posters, visit of the plateau, and DVD copy, etc. against a financial participation to balance the budget of the project and to be able to achieve it.

No need to leave home !

Today, thanks to social networks, the internet, crowdfunding platforms, to cinéaste.orgwe can set up a project, find the money, actors and a technical team without moving the ass out of his chair, it’s great right ?!

Well no, obviously ! It is for this that many of them break the figure. And then why seek 1200 euros for your project, so that some structures allow you to harvest 10 times more ! Yes, I said 10 times more ! And I speak only of currency hard cash ! In addition to these aids, you can, depending on the structures, have 75% discount on the rental of your shooting gear…The fact of ” not to move from home deprives you of a part of the resources of finance, given that, to obtain them it is necessary to meet people, to talk about his projectt and risk the judgement of others…BRRRRR it’s been cold in the back…(to be read in a tone of irony ;o))


The wrong way to use crowdfunding

There are certainly among you some who know of “the people” or that you have managed to fully fund a project by one of the sites that handle crowdfunding. Ok, there are actually always exceptions. Once this is clear to everyone, we will be able to move forward because the reality is quite different. The purpose of this article is not to say that this funding is void, quite the contrary. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that it is not necessary to put all its eggs in the same basket. One of the first errors is :

– Want to fully finance its project through the crowdfunding !

After a tour on a bunch of projects that have not seen the light of day for lack of the kind donor, I realized one thing : almost all these projects have in common to guide the request for assistance on an axis :

The costumes


The special effects


The decorations


Don’t ask just on a part of your production. I saw a project period film that looked interesting except that the bearer of the project was asking 8000 euros for making costumes, and to rent cars…of Course the film’s budget was not going to switch completely in these two posts ! But the way things have been presented could lead to confusion. Result : the project has collected 400 euros in two months.

The good way to understand the crowdfunding

You will have understood, it is necessary that your financing is not based entirely on crowdfunding. It is necessary to see this mode of financing as a plus, as the last stone to the edifice of your budget. It will allow you two things :

Do not ask for astronomical amounts of money

Complete your project

Not only will this require you to seek other sources of funding, whether private or public ! But more importantly it will allow you to set up your project by taking your time and working on your content !

I repeat over and over for months…or even soon years ;o) that it must not rush you. That is what I mean by working your content ?

It is very simple : It means search partners and I’m including the actors and the scenery.

Because what works strong, very strong, what are the presentations of your projects in the video ! You make a interview of the future actor that will play in your movie. You show the stages in which you’re turning. But most of all you present yourself to your future backers !

Not only it makes you move forward in your project, it makes it real and it proves to your future funders that you have under the pedal ! You are not one of those who launch a request for funds as other will buy a wand ! Or who get up one morning and say to themselves, like if I was doing a movie… :o)


There, you will have all the chances to see your request for funds peaks. Attention, you need also a project that the public is interested in ;o)

Last thing, keep your funding application on your entire movie. That is to say that you do not apply for the internet users because you are missing a little bit of money to pay for the hotel Thing, the coffee of the table governance or build the decor for your final story ! NO !

You need advocates to take part fully for the user. Without him, no movie ! It will help you for all the efforts that you have made and that you have shown in your presentation. Show him that you deserve his help and the rest should go on its own ;o)


ATTENTION : this does not prevent you to tell what will serve as money ; (o) Explain how the money will be spent, give examples, vary the areas for the interest to a maximum. One will prefer to help you because there will be waterfalls, another because you do compose the music, another again because you praise this or that camera, or because you love the actor that accepted to play in your movie etc…If you have d’other partners you have any interest to also talk about it.


I can already hear some say, ” yes, but he lies to the visitor saw that we asked for money elsewhere ! And that the film we can do it without him… ” And that’s where you’re wrong ;o), It is not lying to him absolutely not because it is part of the funding process. In your budget you have defined the part of the region, the part of the private funds, the industry and the part of the crowfunding. That is to say that in order to balance the budget of your film, you absolutely need his help. Without this funding, your film will not be in the best conditions, and this applies to all the funds that you will be able to harvest .This is not because we need help elsewhere, that you can’t solicit the actors of crowdfunding.


But if you’ve followed my advice and that you do not get this last financing, you will still be able to (by reviewing your copy) make your film. ;o)

Harvest 8 000 euros with the crowdfunding…see more

I saw a lot of projects that raise more than 10 000 euros ! It is a huge sum given the manner in which occurs a short film. Each time, the project gives desire, not by the story but by the presentation. The universe that is described or shown (photos, videos, story-board, images of synthesis), or actors who come to you and ask for help. On the website Touscoprod, they advertise an average of donations, by project, of 8 000 euros. Necessarily, others do not get this amount, but this does not mean that these projects do see the light of day ;o)

One last thing on the crowdfunding. You must use all the resources possible to ensure that your project is as visible as possible : Email, social networks etc…

Those who have an extended network or a reputation that can reach heights as Michèle Laroque , who has managed to unite over 1800 users for a total of more than 420 000 euros while its application was 400 000 euros. Once again, this is just a part of the funding. The film will cost several million euros…but it is a nice achievement in itself.

Or find the crowdfunding platforms ?

Here is a list of platforms that door of film projects :

– Touscoprod

– Ulule

– Kisskissbankbank

But there are a bunch of other sites that are popping up like mushrooms ! I found you a link that groups them all, and all classified by genre : theater, music, entrepreneurship etc…

– alloprod

That’s it for this article on the crowdfunfing, crowdfunding. Let me have your comments at the bottom of the article.

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