Did Rebecca St James ever get married?

Did Rebecca St James ever get married?

Christian GRAMMY Award winning singer, Rebecca St. Rebecca married Jacob Fink on Saturday (4/23), in a ceremony held at the picturesque Junipero Serra Museum in San Diego, California.

Did Rebecca St James have a baby?

In August 2020, St. James gave birth to a son, River Jack.

Is king and country related to Rebecca St James?

Rebecca St. James, sister of Joel and Luke Smallbone of the Australian-born band for KING & COUNTRY, made an exciting announcement on Facebook LIVE yesterday!

Why did Rebecca St James change her name?

My label had kinda wanted me to change my name which I didn’t like the idea at all initially. And they thought about naming me “Rebecca St. John” and I just didn’t like it because I didn’t even have a relative named John. James” because John and James are similar but my grandfather’s name was James.

Who is Rebecca St James brother?

Luke Smallbone
Joel SmallboneBen SmallboneJosh SmallboneDaniel Smallbone
Rebecca St. James/Brothers

What religion is the Smallbone family?

A second movie coming out is about the whole Smallbone family, called Unsung Hero. The Christian ‘family dramedy’ takes viewers from Australia to America, watching Helen Smallbone rely on God and her faith to help raise nine children in a new country.

Does Rebecca St James sing with her brothers?

Rebecca St. James is showing the incredible power of praying and singing the Lord’s prayer in her new music video. October 22 St. James along with her two brothers, Luke and Joel Smallbone of For King & Country, released a single called ‘Kingdom Come.

What disease does Luke Smallbone have?

ulcerative colitis
“I’ve never been so thankful in my life,” says Luke Smallbone, one of the brothers in the award-winning, Contemporary Christian music duo, For KING and COUNTRY, about his battle with ulcerative colitis. Luke was diagnosed with this life-threatening, often debilitating, digestive disease in October 2012.

Who is Moriah Peters husband?

Joel Smallbonem. 2013
Moriah Peters/Husband
Peters married Joel Smallbone, from the band for King & Country, on July 7, 2013. They now reside in Nashville, Tennessee together.

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