Do Miguel and Mia end up together?

Do Miguel and Mia end up together?

After that Mia and Miguel finally became close friends and at the end they went together to Monterrey as a boyfriend and girlfriend.In season 2 their relationship was more unified. They were so in love. Sometimes they had arguments.

Is Maya and Miguel older?

Miguel Santos is one of the main protagonists of Maya & Miguel and is the smart, caring, older twin brother of Maya. Unlike his sister, he is very logical, although is often dragged into his sister’s schemes reluctantly, although sometimes wants to help her.

Who is Jose Lujan’s tutor in RBD?

Gastón Diestro | Villains Wiki | Fandom.

Who does Mia end up with in go?

Alvaro rehearses his and Mia’s song, Mia stumbles upon him, and talk for a bit then kiss again. After, they decide that they’re more than just friends, and announce that they are a couple.

Are Miguel and Maya twins?

Miguel Santos (voiced by Nika Futterman): Maya’s twin brother.

What ethnicity is Maya and Miguel?

Five-Token Band: Maya & Miguel (half-Mexican/half-Puerto Rican), Theo (smart African-American), Andy (blonde white kid born with one amputated arm), Maggie (fashionable Chinese), and Chrissy (somewhat naive Afro-Dominican).

Where is Mia Colucci from?

The editor of Nuts Magazine and most popular girl at Elite Way School, she comes from a wealthy and privileged family who lives in Mexico City, Mexico.

Is Lupe Ramiro’s daughter?

Lupe Achával Lupe is Ramiro’s stepdaughter. Before finding out that Lupe was Javier’s daughter, they loved each other very much, and Ramiro spoiled her a lot until he met Mia and has been teaching her how to stay in her place.

What episode does Mia kiss Alvaro?

Season 2- Alvaro goes missing while everybody is looking for him, Mia tells Fede she knows exactly where to find him. Mia rides her bike Alvaro gave her to the park he was at, and they then sing a song that Alvaro wrote for them. Then they go in for the kiss.

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