Do you get food on Air France flight?

Do you get food on Air France flight?

According to these factors, you will receive: breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner. A choice of beverages is also provided on all our flights. On most long-haul flights, you can purchase an “A la Carte” meal in the Economy and Premium Economy cabins.

What is included in Air France Economy?

Economy Light is an Air France basic economy fare that doesn’t include much besides one carry-on bag, a seat selection at check-in and a mileage earning opportunity. These tickets are nonrefundable and don’t allow changes. Economy Standard fares include one piece of checked baggage and an option to change your ticket.

Does Air France serve food on international flights during coronavirus?

Economy Class & Premium Economy International The airline will continue to provide a full meal service including hot meals and hot/cold drink offerings. On flights between 6hr30 and 8hr30, a second service option has been reintroduced the breakfast offering named BON APPETIT is delivered to passengers in a bag.

Is Air France serving alcohol?

In the Economy cabin, on all flights lasting less than 2hr30*, a beverage service comprising water, coffee, tea, fruit juice and alcohol is offered, together with a savoury or sweet snack on some destinations. On flights lasting more than 2hr30, customers are able to enjoy a gourmet sweet or savoury snack.

Does Air France have vegetarian meals?

Air France offers vegetarian and vegan meals on certain flights within Europe and all intercontinental flights. The vegetarian options you will find on this airline include VGML, VLML, and AVML. If you request a vegetarian meal, it is applied to all meals served on your flight: breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner.

Does Air France serve halal food?

Air France and KLM serve Halal meals on all intercontinental flights and flights to and from Algiers, Athens, Budapest, Bucharest, Casablanca, Istanbul, Yerevan, Kiev, Moscow, Rabat, Sofia, Stockholm, Tunis and Tel Aviv.

Does Air France have economy comfort?

Designed as a real gift to slip into your bag after your trip, the Premium Economy comfort kit contains a night mask, a pair of socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste as well as earplugs and headphone covers. On its long-haul flights, Air France offers its customers comfort kits in all cabins.

What snack do you get on Air France?

Economy. On offer is a main course, French cheese, dessert and bread. Champagne and wine are free for all passengers — an added bonus as most airlines charge for this. On longer flights, you can choose from a self-service snack offering with cookies, sandwiches and ice cream.

Are drinks free on Air France flights?

A wide selection of beverages (hot or cold, with or without alcohol) and a snack suited to your flight’s duration and departure time will be served at no extra charge. Please note: if your flight is provided by a partner airline, some of the onboard or airport services offered by Air France may not be available.

Does Air France have tvs?

Air France CONNECT, Air France’s connectivity service This offer includes films, series, documentaries and now also live TV, and more recently music and Audible audiobooks. With the aim of having a fully-connected fleet by end-2020, Wi-Fi continues to be rolled out on board Air France’s medium and long-haul aircraft.

Are meals included in Air France economy class tickets?

Air France meals are included in the price of your ticket, and the airline offers passengers the option to pay to upgrade their economy class meals.

What kind of food is provided on domestic flights?

On longer flights, a self-service buffet including sweet and savory treats, sandwiches and ice cream is provided. Do you follow a specific diet? Please remember to request a special meal at least 48 hours before your flight.

Which Air France flights have Michelin-starred chefs?

Air France First and Business class cabin meals are created by Michelin-starred chefs. Air France now offers passengers in Business class a new signature cocktail, created in collaboration with the Hotel Lancaster in Paris.

Are any Air France services available on board or at the airport?

Please note: if your flight is provided by one of our partner airlines, certain Air France services may not be available on board or at the airport.

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