Do you get paid for house clearance?

Do you get paid for house clearance?

It is possible to get paid for house clearance. If selling on your old items or disposing of the belongings of a deceased loved one is too difficult for you, then house clearance businesses can do this job for you. They can also sell positives – valuable content – to shops for payment.

What will house clearance take?

House clearances for properties of all shapes and sizes Furniture, sofas, electrical items and white goods. Personal effects, beds & wardrobes, bric-a-brac, clothes and ornaments. Rubbish Removal, junk, household waste, clutter, and hazardous materials. Heavy and bulky items including pianos and safes.

Do house clearances take clothes?

The sort of items charity shops want are good quality clothes, books, records, ornaments, pictures, crockery and cutlery. Most do not take bulky items such as furniture (due to costs of collection, storage and delivery), or electrical items (due to safety regulations ).

What is the average cost of house clearance?

How much a house clearance costs in London depends on the size of the property. For the average 3-bedroom house, the cost for clearance in London is around £750 + VAT. Therefore, if you live in a two-bedroom house, flat, or maisonette, you’re liable to pay less than this.

Do house clearances take everything?

A house clearance can be a big job and may take an entire day or more if the household has a great number of items. Your firm may be able to help you with any antiques, objet d’art or collectables that might require valuations, so a house clearance may bear some valuable fruit that you weren’t expecting!

How much does it cost to get a clearance?

The average cost to process a SECRET clearance can run from several hundred dollars to $3,000, depending upon individual factors. The average cost to process a TOP SECRET clearance is between $3,000 and about $15,000, depending upon individual factors.

How long does a house clearance take?

The main ones are density of contents, parking and any restricted access to certain parts of the property. For a regular two to three bedroom house with an average amount of furniture, possessions, junk and rubbish, it should take a good house clearance company 8 – 14 hours or a full day using a two or three man team.

How much is a secret clearance worth? reports that the “average total compensation” for professionals with security clearances approximately is $90,000.

What is a clearance company?

At its most basic, a removal company will take everything you want to move out of your current premises and to a new property. They merely transport it where it needs to go. A clearance company on the other hand, also helps you clear out the things you won’t need to use again.

How does house clearance Birmingham work?

Whatever cannot be used again, or recycled, then we have to send it safely and securely to landfill. House Clearance Birmingham can leave properties totally empty, ready for the next tenant, or to be sold. We can even clean the property on completion if required.

Why choose our property clearance services in the Midlands?

Employed by many local authorities, property management companies and repeat customers, we should be your first choice for property clearance in the Midlands. We offer a full and partial house clearance service. If you just want a few old bits of furniture removed, the entire property cleared and everything else in between.

Do we take everything when clearing houses?

When clearing houses, we clear it all if needed. Many of the ‘charities’ advertising house clearance services will come round and take one or two items, that they want and leave you with the rest. We, on the other hand, take everything (if needed), we don’t just pick and choose.

How do you dispose of waste in Birmingham?

This includes donating items to local Birmingham charity shops, passing items onto groups and organisations, and selling anything that still has value. Whatever cannot be used again, or recycled, then we have to send it safely and securely to landfill.

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