Does chowhound still exist?

Does chowhound still exist?

In 2006, Chowhound was sold to CNET, a San Francisco-based online media company, which merged the site with Chow magazine. It’s now owned by CBS Interactive, which bought the company in 2008, and is still based in San Francisco.

When was chowhound founded?

Chowhound is a popular online food discussion board founded by food writer Jim Leff and Bob Okumura in 1997, known for its user base of food fanatics.

Is LA known for sushi?

Sushi is a major food group in L.A., and has been for decades—it’s where the California roll was born, where chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa made his name, and where supermarket sushi got its start. For more, read our complete Los Angeles city guide.

Are dogs allowed in chowhound?

We have encouraged store associates not feeling well to stay home. Our trusted pet experts are working hard to keep our customers and furry family members safe. For your convenience, Chow Hound Pet Supplies does offer home delivery through Instacart.

What’s the most famous sushi?

12 most popular sushi rolls

  • Alaska Roll. Alaska rolls are a simple yet popular choice for a sushi roll.
  • Baked Zarigani Roll. Love crawfish?
  • The Dragon Roll. The dragon roll is an excellent choice for eel loves.
  • Kryptonite Roll.
  • Lemon Roll.
  • Popcorn Zarigani Roll.
  • Poway Roll.
  • Spicy Crunch Roll.

Does Chow Hound have animals?

Chow Hound Hosts Humane Society and Rescue Cats, Kittens and Small Animals for Adoption. Thank you to all those who gave a forever home to one of our Humane Society or Rescue cats, kittens or small animals. There were a total of 39 adoptions at our stores in February – 36 cats and kittens, and 3 small animals.

What is the most popular sushi in Japan?

Probably the most popular sushi dish in Japan right now is chutoro, a medium-fatty tuna cut, though salmon is a close second.

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