Does Kise win against Haizaki?

Does Kise win against Haizaki?

Haizaki becomes increasingly aware of how much Kise has improved through time. Desperate, Haizaki uses a dirty trick near the end of the game, but nonetheless, Kise is adamant about winning despite how much pain his foot is in and defeats Haizaki. Kaijo wins against Fukuda Sogo Gakuen 75–72.

Is Kise obsessed with Kuroko?

Because Kuroko was Kise’s personal instructor in Junior High school when he first started playing basketball, and also because Kuroko is strong in his own unique way, Kise deeply respects Kuroko – almost to the point of obsession.

Does Kise ever beat Aomine?

Aomine dunks past Kise as the game ends and Touou wins by a score of 98–110.

Is Nash better than Aomine?

Nash wins, not even a contest. Nash is more than physically capable enough to match Aomine, and he has the Belial Eye so he’d know every single thing Aomine will do.

Who wins too Academy vs Kaijo?

Trivia. According to a poll in the CHARACTERS BIBLE, this match is voted as the best match in the entire series, earning 995 votes, beating the Seirin vs Tōō match (681 votes) and the rematch of Seirin vs Shūtoku at the Winter Cup (323 votes).

How does Haizaki’s ability compare to Kise?

This move is instantly copied by Kise, but Haizaki does the same thing with Moriyama’s shot on his side. But in comparison to Kise’s ability, Haizaki does not only copy the move, but disrupts the rhythm.

How did Haizaki and Akashi defeat Kise?

Akashi allowed it and Haizaki mercilessly defeated Kise to the point where Kise is seen laying on the floor. Haizaki also took Kise’s girlfriend from him, although it was later revealed that she never actually was Kise’s girlfriend as she only spread rumors about the two of them dating.

What is the reunion between Kise and Haizaki?

This match is known as the reunion between Kise and Haizaki, a former player of Teikō Junior High . Kise and Haizaki meet before the match, during warm up.

How does Haizaki take the title of generation of miracles?

Reuniting after a long time, Haizaki expresses his desire to take the title of Generation of Miracles and threatens Kise that he will take it from him. After the tip-off, the ball goes to Kaijō High for the first attack. Hayakawa passes to Kasamatsu, who sees that Haizaki is marking Kise tight.

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