Does Natsuki-Chan like Kojou?

Does Natsuki-Chan like Kojou?

Kojou frequently refers to her as Natsuki-chan, much to her dislike. They care for each other in a fashion that is best described as friendship. She is also one of the few people who knows Kojou is the fourth Primogenitor.

Is Natsuki stronger than Kojou?

Abilities. Known as the “Witch of the Void”, Natsuki is a powerful attack mage who is strong enough to fight Kojou Akatsuki, Yukina Himeragi and Kiriha Kisaki at the same time.

How old is Natsuki from strike the blood?

Natsuki is 26 years old but appears to be much younger because she has been in an enchanted sleep for 10 years of which have made her body not age. Her appearance prompts Kojouand Asagi to call her Natsuki-chan, although she repeatedly tells them not to.

Who is the wife of Akatsuki Kojou?

Kiriha Kisaki. She is the dark sword shaman that appears in the season 2 of the anime she often teases him whenever they are around each other. She becomes Kojou’s wife.

Who does La Folia end up with?

Kojou Akatsuki La Folia has strong feelings for Kojou. In the OVA she said that she will marry him instead of another man.

What is the Kaleid blood?

The Kaleid Blood or Kaleid Bloodline is an artificial bloodline created by the three primogenitors as the strongest God-Killing weapon. But it proved to be so powerful that they could not control it, and it eventually turned on them.

Who is the strongest Primogenitor?

Kojou Akatsuki is known as The Fourth Primogenitor, the strongest vampire in existence and one known to only exist in legends. Although he appears nothing but a harmless high school student, he has powerful abilities such as summoning twelve familiars and enhanced strength, durability, and agility.

Who is Motoki in strike the blood?

Motoki Yaze ( 矢瀬 基樹 やぜ もとき , Yaze Motoki) is the childhood friend of Asagi and the best friend of Kojou, as well as their classmate at Saikai Academy. He knows that Kojou is the Fourth Primogenitor as he is a member of the Lion King Organization and is the real observer of Kojou.

Who is avrora in strike the blood?

Avrora Florestina (アヴローラ・フロレスティーナ, Avurōra Furoresutīna) was the Original Fourth Primogenitor and the 12th Kaleid Blood. She was also Kojou’s master.

Who is moegi in strike the blood?

Moegi Akatsuki (暁 萌葱, Akatsuki Moegi) is the daughter of Asagi Aiba who was responsible for sending Reina Akatsuki 20 years back to the past to chase a man-made magical beast.

Who is Minamiya Natsuki?

Minamiya Natsuki) is an English teacher at Saikai Academy and she is one of few people who knows that Kojou Akatsuki is the Fourth Primogenitor. Outside of school, she is a high ranking attack mage and is referred to as “Witch of the Void”.

What does the name Minamiya mean?

Natsuki’s surname Minamiya means “south” (南) ( mina) and “temple, shrine, palace” (宮) ( miya ). Natsuki would based her tea from a candy from Ceylon using herbs.

What is Natsuki’s real name?

The name Natsuki means “what” (那) ( na) and “moon” (月) ( tsuki ). Natsuki’s surname Minamiya means “south” (南) ( mina) and “temple, shrine, palace” (宮) ( miya ). Natsuki would based her tea from a candy from Ceylon using herbs. She would sometime add alcohol, specifically brandy on one or multiple occasion.

How did Natsuki get her memories back?

In the Banquet for the Observers, Natsuki’s memories were taken by Aya Tokoyogi. She teleported herself near the Keystone Gate where she instinctively recognized Asagi Aiba who then after took care of her and gave her the temporary name, Sana . After defeating Aya, Natsuki regained back all of her memories. Don’t address your teacher with -chan!

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