Does Nomura hire international students?

Does Nomura hire international students?

Yes, you can apply as a international student.

What is Nomura looking for?

We are looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders to make an impression on our future. If you are keen to be part of a highly nimble and diverse workforce that offers opportunities for you to build a long term career, then come and discover more about Nomura.

How many applications does Nomura have?

May I apply to more than one division? Yes. You can apply for up to three divisions. We will expect you to be able to discuss your choice, and show both enthusiasm for, and knowledge of the various roles.

What type of company is Nomura?

Nomura is a global financial services group with an integrated network spanning over 30 countries and regions.

Why should I work for Nomura?

We work hard to make working at Nomura a positive and enjoyable experience. As well as offering a rewarding job and comprehensive benefits, we create an environment that feels secure, comfortable and open so you can thrive and get the most from your career. We do this in many different ways.

What is a Nomura summer internship?

The most common and sought-after internship is the Nomura summer internship (summer analyst). This is a 9-week programme, in one of the four divisions: No matter which division you go to, you will enjoy the same degree of exposure as a full-time analyst and will have a chance to do some actual work.

Why work at Nomura?

Our employees today have many choices when considering about their career and life styles. The Nomura Group supports those who work hard to achieve those career visions. Engage in a team of members from all around the globe, with different skills and experiences to help you discover new perspectives and values.

What is it like to work at numnomura?

Nomura is an international bank that provides retail, asset management and wholesale banking services to individual, institutional, corporate, and government clients. Nomura hires students for both internship and graduate scheme positions and the recruitment processes can be very similar.

How hard is it to get into Nomura investment banking?

For that reason, combined with it being a tier 1 bank, the Nomura programmes are highly competitive. This translates to a difficult and nerve wrecking application process. I know how much time and effort you put into applying, and I appreciate you for working hard at jumpstarting your investment banking career.

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