Does North Carolina drug test?

Does North Carolina drug test?

Under North Carolina law, employers may require a urine, blood, hair, or oral fluid drug test. The employer must provide written notice to the employee or the applicant of their rights prior to the examination. The sample must be tested by approved laboratory.

What happens if you fail a drug test in North Carolina?

What Happens if I Fail a Drug Test at Work in North Carolina? If you fail a drug test at work, your sample must be re-tested to confirm the results. If you wish, you may request that your sample be re-tested by the same or another laboratory, at your expense.

Does an employer have to tell you about drug testing NC?

Employers must provide written notice to applicants and employees of their rights and responsibilities under the Controlled Substance Examination Regulation Act. This notice must be provided when the sample is taken (13 N.C Admin. Code 20.0401).

What is the process of random drug testing?

Random testing means employees will be selected for testing using a computer-based random-number generator. This will result in an equal probability that any employee from the entire group of employees will be tested.

Can you do your own drug test?

Although many tests are available to the public, you might feel uncomfortable going to your doctor and requesting the test. Thankfully direct-to-consumer testing is now available through companies like Walk-In Lab that provide low-cost, direct-to-consumer testing, saving you up to 85% off the retail price of lab tests!

Can an employer drug test you without telling you?

No matter what kind of job you have, the employer can make you take a drug or alcohol test, without prior notice, if: They have reason to think that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work.

Can you get unemployment if you fail a drug test in North Carolina?

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act does not prevent injured workers from receiving benefits if they fail a drug test.

What happens if you refuse a random drug test?

Certificates and licenses could be revoked, suspended or restricted if an employee refuses to take the test. Things are a lot different in non-regulated industries. There is actually no federal law that requires employees to submit to drug testing. There are, however, state laws that could apply.

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