Does PSP have lunar 2?

Does PSP have lunar 2?

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue – Complete (PSP)

Is Lunar 2 a sequel?

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete is a remake version of Lunar: Eternal Blue. It is a sequel to Lunar Silver Star Story Complete.

How many discs is Lunar 2?

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (5-Discs Collector’s Edition) For US/Canada systems.

How long does it take to beat Lunar 2?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 18 35h 54m
Main + Extras 28 40h 24m
Completionists 18 54h 22m
All PlayStyles 64 43h 04m

Who owns the lunar IP?

Game Arts
Lunar (series)

Developer(s) Game Arts
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, iOS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Windows
First release Lunar: The Silver Star June 23, 1992
Latest release Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch September 20, 2012

Is Lunar Legend a remake?

Lunar Legend is a re-made version of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the Game Boy Advance and was developed by Media Rings Corporation after acquiring the rights to produce a handheld adaptation of Game Arts’ role-playing game.

How many discs is lunar 1?

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Playstation

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼
2020-10-14 Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (4 Discs) – PlayStation 1 PS1 Game Report
2020-10-13 Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (Playstation 1, PS1) Case, 4 Discs, Book/Manual Report

How many discs does lunar have?

I ordered this product that shows a box set with a hardback booklet, a making of lunar disc, and the soundtrack disc, and the game itself which is 4 discs in total.

How do I join the lunar?

Make a ticket under the “Minigames” section at saying you would like to join the tournament. A staff member will respond with further information!

Which version of Lunar is best?

The best way to enjoy Lunar Silver Star is to pick the PSP version, Silver Star Harmony. It has the best of everything, it’s good to play, looks good, and sounds good.

What happened to working designs?

Due to a series of delays, approval snags, and sagging sales, Working Designs announced on December 12, 2005 that all existing staff had been laid off and the company was effectively defunct.

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