Does Shure PG48 need phantom power?

Does Shure PG48 need phantom power?

Shure says this doesnt require phantom power.. The Shure PG48 requires no external power to operate. You are able to use the mic with an XLR to USB cable or interface.

Is Shure sv100 good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great quality microphone. I’m very happy with my purchase, this is a great quality microphone, I use with my karaoke system, perfect for a family singing night. The delivery was faster than expected, definitely a great product and a great service.

Can phantom power damage a SM58?

Will Phantom Power Damage My Dynamic Mics? A dynamic microphone, like the SM58, does not require phantom power because it does not have active electronics inside. Nonetheless, applying phantom power will not damage other microphones in the vast majority of cases.

Why do condensers need phantom power?

Why Do Condenser Mics Need Phantom Power? Because of the way condenser mics work, their output is very high impedance, and therefore requires a powered circuit to reduce that impedance.

Is Shure sv200 good?

While the quality of this mic can be alright for something like late night karaoke, it will fail at any more serious application. Podcasting, singing, recording clean voice – cannot tolerate level of noise found in the microphone. In an ideally sound-isolated room it brings the noise of between -30 and -40 dB.

Is an SM58 balanced?

There are wired (with and without on/off switch) and wireless versions. The wired version provides balanced audio through a male XLR connector. The SM58 is unswitched, while the otherwise identical SM58S has a sliding on-off switch on the body.

Is the Shure pg48 a good microphone?

But you wont get quality that you are happy with or quality that could be your master. The Shure PG48 is a Dynamic microphone. It can be used in almost any setting. I don’t recommend it for Vocals in a Studio setting because you should really be using a quality condenser for that.

What do you think about the Panasonic pg48?

The PG48 has a rather disgusting midrange hill, while obviously sloughing off in the higher and lower ends. This means that the PG48 will honk, and will lack any sort of detail in either the powerful low end or the defining high end.

How much does it cost to replace a Shure mic?

Even when its out of warranty, no matter what happened, or what condition it is in, you can always send it to shure with a nominal fee (about $35 to $40) and get a brand spanking new one in return. Besides that, this mic also gets props for its ability to take a beating and still sound great.

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