Does Wharton require work experience?

Does Wharton require work experience?

Work experience is not required when applying to the Wharton MBA program, although many of our successful applicants do join the program with around 5 years of work experience.

What is special about Wharton undergrad?

Wharton gives you the knowledge and skills to change the world. Learning continues outside the classroom when you apply valuable skills through teamwork, co-curricular activities, conferences, research, and club life.

What makes Wharton unique?

Nearly every elite business school is advertising its “action-based” or “experiential” approach, but Wharton has recently undergone a comprehensive branding and identity initiative, resulting in a new brand platform called “Knowledge for Action.” This brand platform emphasizes and communicates Wharton’s strengths of …

What is Wharton looking for?

Wharton looks for diversity in the professional backgrounds of its admitted students just as it does in all other parts of our applicants’ profiles. No one industry is favored over another, and experience in a Fortune 500 company does not have higher value than experience in a small business or public institution.

What is a good GMAT score for Wharton?

720 to 770

What GMAT score do I need for Wharton?


How much is tuition at Wharton?

47,668 USD (2014 – 15)

Is Wharton undergrad good?

Wharton (in CollegeVine’s opinion) is the best undergraduate business school in the world. Its 20 concentrations offer exposure to fields that most students only glimpse through a summer internship.

What GPA is needed for Wharton?


What value does an MBA provide?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a graduate degree focused on building leadership skills and learning business principles. But for the majority of students, MBAs offer much more than that: a stronger professional network, access to job opportunities, and a bigger paycheck.

Does Wharton call admitted students?

Admitted students usually receive a phone call by 5pm EST, and although there is no explicit rule, the school tends to start calling applicants from APAC first, then Europe / Africa, then East Coast / Latin America, and finally West Coast. In the past, Wharton made an effort to call almost every admitted students.

Why engineers should get an MBA?

Why Engineers Should Get an MBA An MBA will help expand your insight and understanding of the business side of an industry while providing you the knowledge and leadership skills to reach your full career potential. An MBA differentiates you from the rest of the workforce.

How hard is it to get into Wharton?

It’s pretty darn hard. The admit rate for an applicant to Wharton is 20.6%. During the 2017–2018 admissions cycle, 6,245 candidates applied for admission to the school’s MBA program and 1,288 were admitted. Some 862 students actually enrolled.

How is Wharton MBA different?

Unlike most two-year programs, the Wharton MBA curriculum includes an additional required “pre-term”, which students attend before beginning year one. Wharton’s elective curriculum allows students to choose from 200 electives across 10 of the academic departments within the business school.

How much does an MBA at Wharton cost?

MBA Program Tuition and Cost Breakdown The estimated first-year budget for the Wharton MBA Program is $115,432, which includes tuition and fees ($83,230), room & board ($21,720), books, supplies, health insurance, and additional personal costs ($10,482). The estimated total program budget is $228,864.

Is Wharton prestigious?

The Wharton School consistently ranks as one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the nation.

Should I do MBA or not?

An MBA is only worth the expense, time, and effort when the graduate plans to work in a business-related field, in management, or as a company founder. An MBA may not be useful for those working in other industries unless they are in management or leadership roles.

How long is the Wharton MBA program?

20 months

How much do Wharton graduates make?

Wharton grads earned $150,000 median salaries across all industries in 2019, and Harvard grads overall earned $148,750 in 2019. Comparable full-time two-year MBA grads at Berkeley earned $139,000; Penn State and Temple MBAs earned annual salaries of $112,00 and $103,000 respectively in 2019.

Is going to Wharton worth it?

So compared to them, yes, Wharton is worth it, assuming the network is useful to your career progression. If you are a strong finance person, coming from finance and going back to finance, the Wharton MBA is worth it. If you are a Wharton grad and go to finance, you can get income of $500k+ a few years out of school.

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