Elvis & Nixon, the first photo !

Ofyears the topic RAB, there is the true story of Richard Nixon and Elvis Pesley.

The two men met on 21 December 1970 under the leadership of the famous rocker, who wish at any price to become an undercover agent in the war against drug trafficking.

A pitch WTF but bigger than life, which prompted Cary Elwes to write a script. The actor – turned-writer – who had loved The Butler, has said that there was no better than the film taking place in the framework of the White House. Why not.

It is not known if it will be a movie-real-time, a study “the effect of celebrity and power over the human soul”, or a fiction police that are taking place around the event.

In any case, if Kevin Spacey doesn’t surprise us in the president (House of Cards) the choice of casting anti-logic of equating Michael Shannon in Elvis Presley …!

It’s Impossible not to want to know more.

Elvis & Nixon will also be Tracy Letts (the author of the plays Killer Joe and Bug , which also has revealed Michael Shannon), Colin Hanks (son of Tom, seen and enjoyed in Fargo), Johnny Knoxville (jackass, remember ? it was recently reviewed in blackface Bad Granpa) and Alex Pettyfer (hot-hot in Magic Mike) and the lovely singer Sky Ferreira.


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