[FIFIB 2015] INTERVIEW with Valéria Golino

The Festival International du Film indépendant de Bordeaux FIFIB edition 2015, which was held from 8 to 14 October, celebrating this year the heroes, and even heroines. The women were in the spotlight as well in this selection, that the side members of the juries of the competition of Feature films, with the Chairperson Valéria Golino, Céline Sciamma, and Clemence Poesy.

We have had the chance to interview briefly Valéria Golino, who recently won the Coupe Volpi for best actress at the Venice film Festival for the film Per Amor Vostro of Giuseppe M. Gaudino. Also a director of Miele, she has spoken to us with sincerity of his vision of the beauty in the cinema, the sense of its participation in the FIFIB and what accounted for the price in Venice.

That represents for you the fact of having the best actor prize at the Venice film Festival (for Per Amor Vostro of Giuseppe M. Gaudino) and how do you manage the transition between Venice and your presence at the FIFIB ?

Valéria Golino : Venice, it was a joyful experience because the film, which nobody wanted, was marginal and tiring to turn. Winning the award it has given a meaning to any of it ! I don’t have a “vana gloria”: to go to Cannes or Venice, I saw it as a job ! Be present at FIFIB, it is a pleasure natural and organic.

What does it mean to you to be President of the jury of the festival and what do you hope to find at FIFIB, which claims to be both strange, funny, committed and romantic ?

V. G : We do not judge a film by criterion, there is not a genre. I am looking for something beautiful, not beautiful in the way only aesthetic, but beautiful in a different way, by what you put into it. The beauty is looking everywhere in a thousand ways. I can find a nice mechanical Orange of Stanley Kubrick, but also The Others by Alejandro Amenabar, The Big Lebowski of the Coen brothers or the films of Cronenberg or Vincente Minelli.

“When I go to the cinema, I need to be surprised, as in a feast very beautiful !”

When I go to the cinema, I need to be surprised, as in a feast very beautiful ! Like when I saw Breaking the Waves, Lars Von Trier or Il Divo by Paolo Sorrentino. It is in these films an aesthetics that accompanies the content. This is the form that interests me, it’s the first reason why I became a filmmaker.

What is your vision of cinema today ?

V. G : The cinema has changed in recent years : before, there was a story, a drama, there were special conditions. Today, the cinema has a construction different : it is more personal, more subjective, more sensory, as the truth unraveled. It is in the middle of that movie there, but it is a genre that we see too, that bothers me a little. The prototype of this kind of cinema, it is a Tree of Life, Terrence Malick. All the movies that have been available since take the risk to be like him, to reproduce images that are similar and do less well. In Miele, I also sought out those images. But I believe we are going backward, of returning to something more formal, more detached.

I try to continue to make films in the current system of cinema, which speaks to all the world, but also to resist to make another film, the one that nobody wants to do and be able to remain a director.

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