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As promised in the previous article, I made you a list of film schools. They all have their strong points and weak points. I invite you to learn more about each of them. Sometimes you can find the links to the websites of the different institutions.

Here are a few film schools :


Establishment of public education. The teaching is both technical and artistic. It is possible to join the FEMIS in initial training or in continuing training.

The training lasts four years, you have several options :

– production

– scenario

– realization

– image

– its

– decor

– mounting


Attention the competition is extremely difficult and selective. As you can imagine, the implementation section is one of the most requested, so difficult to obtain.


Admission : concours bac+2

La fémis : 6 rue Francoeur 75018 Paris

Tel : 01 53 41 21 00

Fax : 01 53 41 02 80

Site : www.femis.fr


As prestigious as the FEMIS. More focused on the cinema, photography and sound. The school is free of charge and delivers a diploma of level bac+5. 150 pupils attend the classes. The duration of training is 3 years.

Admission : must be holder of a bac +2 contest at the bac+2 or equivalent.

Ecole Nationale supérieure Louis Lumière B. P 22 – 93161 Noisy le grand cedex (change of address, the school is now housed in the cité du cinéma, rue ampère st denis)

Tel : 01 48 15 40 10

Fax : 01 43 05 63 44

Site : www.ens-louis-lumiere.fr



School, encompassing a wider range of courses. In fact, the formations are :

– Theatre

– Production/TV/ Film

– Its

– Mounting/ Script

– Actors

Admission : Bac + transcripts. + Successful events entries.

Insas rue Thérésienne, 8 – B1000 Brussels

Tel : + 32 2 511 92 86

Fax : + 32 2 511 02 79

Site : www.insas.be



ESRA is actually a group of several schools (ESRA, ISTS and SUPINFOGRAPH).

– Image

– Realization

– Script

– Mounting

– 3D

– Production

– Light

– Its


The studies last for 3 years, with possibility of a 4th year in New York. ATTENTION!!!!! : The studies are being paid : It takes approximately 6500 euros/ Year.

Three schools are possible : Paris, Nice, Rennes, france.

ESRA Paris : 135, avenue Félix Faure 75015 Paris

Tel : 01 44 25 25 25

Fax : 01 44 25 25 14

Site : www.esra.edu


ESRA Nice : 9, Dock Two Emmanuel 06300 Nice

Tel : 04 92 00 00 92

Fax : 04 92 00 00 93

Site : www.esra.edu


ESRA Rennes : 1, rue Xavier Grall, 35700 Rennes

Tel : 02 99 36 64 64

Ax : 02 99 36 26 40

Site : www.esra.edu



Private school, once again there are several lessons available :

– Realization

– Production

– Mounting

– Post-production


The Training lasts 3 years. It is divided into two cycles. The first helps determine the direction the student will take at the end of it either :

– cinema

– the arts and electronic media

– mounting


Admission : Tray minimum + contest

School of film studies 21, rue de Citeaux 75012 Paris

tel : 01 43 42 43 22

Fax : 01 43 41 95 21

Site : www.esec.edu


The CLCF (conservatoire libre du cinéma français)

Education in 3 years. The first two years are intended to prepare the specialization for the 3rd year :

  • Assistant director
  • Editor
  • Script
  • Screenwriter, adapter, dialogue writer
  • Director of Production

Attention ! : the cost of the training is not negligible, as all the private schools in the area. From between 6200 and 8350 euros.

Admission : level Bac for the 1st year, Bac+1 in 2nd year, License to film in the 3rd year (folder + test + interview)

CLCF 9, quai de l’oise 75019 Paris-france

Tel : 01 40 36 19 19

Fax : 01 40 36 01 02

Site : www.clcf.com



87% success rate at the BTS this year 2013. The EICAR offers a state diploma, bac+2. You can specialize in production, image, sound, or editing.


It is necessary to have the bin or significant experience in the relevant field.

The trials of admissions are :

– 2 written tests : analysis of film and another test

– A personal interview based on your letter of motivation

Find the application file here (http://www.eicar.fr/sites/eicar_fr/files/candidature_resident_etranger.pdf)

Attention ! this school is not free. Depending on the area, the prices will change :

– BTS audiovisuel : 7 750 eur

– Realization cinema and TV : 7 200 euros

Scripture story : 7 200 euros

– Become an actor : 4 150 eur

More information directly on the website : www.eicar.fr


The school of the city

This school has been imagined by Luc Besson. It is located in the heart of the city of the cinema.

Admissions for September 2013 are completed. The admission criteria is only on the talent and motivation.

Once the registration file is downloaded and sent, it is validated and allows you to participate in the first event of the contest entry.

The contest is conducted in 3 trials :

– realization of a creative work on a theme

– written tests assessing the creativity and motivation of the candidate

– individual interview

The program of the year for authors/ writers : the history of cinema, analysis of scenarios, storytelling technique, writing synopses and screenplays, script, law, audiovisual, dialogues, story board, shooting script and English

For filmmakers : film History, analysis of scenarios, casting, preparation technique, the cutting technique of a film, camera technology, shooting techniques, techniques of sound recording techniques, lighting, management of film crews, directing on set, calibration, picture editing, sound editing, film music, special effects, financing plan, right of broadcasting, marketing and distribution, English.

By and large, that the schools most well-known. Depending on your means, your talent, your desires, you make your choice. I also suggest you to take a tour directly on the websites of each school, but also to find forums of former students, thanks to which you will learn a lot…

Here are the contact details of the school from the city : 20 rue Ampère 93200 Saint-Denis

The via the internet site : http://www.ecoledelacite.com

No matter what your age, it is never too late !!!!! Or too early !!!!!

If you can’t make a film school I suggest you read : becoming a film director.

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