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Bonne année 2015 sur Comment Faire Un Film

What will this go On How to Make A Movie

in 2015


To start this new year I don’t see anything else to do, in a first time, than to wish you all a happy new year, good health, and that your film projects, whatever they may be, see the light of day in this new year.

The cinema and the television industry have never attracted the world. Moreover, the blog is doing rather well and gaining every day a little more hearing. You are more than…

…35 000 persons coming every month, at least once, to see the articles and ask your questions. Needless to say it requires a lot of involvement to meet everyone and give you each week new information so that you can, you also, to try the adventure of cinema, whether you want to write or direct.

A lot of people are waiting for this day, the first of the year eagerly because it is, for the most part, a chance for a new start…But frankly, you’ve got to stop hiding the face ! Between the 31/12 and 01/01 nothing really changes ! it makes me think of people who in the course of the year, say : “Well, Monday I put myself in the plan ” and empiffrent Saturday and Sunday by saying that these are the last days when they will be able to eat and drink what they want ! And then Monday comes, they pay attention to what they eat at breakfast and then, at the hour of lunch with colleagues or dinner, creak, thinking that they will be the Monday after, and so on, until the new year of the year after etc…etc…


Your desire to make films is there all the time, except that there is a difference between dreaming and living his dream. You know what separates these two things ? Well, it is the work and courage, it is too easy to give up, too simple not to be questioned or to lay the blame on the other. Those to whom you read your scenarios or shown your movies are bad ? The producers you have contacted don’t like your projects ? The first thing to think of these people is “ I’m misunderstood “”I am too advanced for them” or ” they have so much in the habit of producing shit they don’t know to appreciate a good storyline ! “No, but oh !!!! Stop you tell the stories, ok ! Move you butt and put you back in the question !


Last year I launched scenario+ which is a platform to help writers/ filmmakers in the grass to finally succeed to get out of their head, the story that they hang around for months, or even years. The assessment is rather positive for the major part of them, but all had problems of structure, character, or method of work to structure their thoughts and formalize it on paper, but also define their project, the format, the feasibility of their project and their ability to write.


Before you create a scenario+ I have read hundreds of scenarios that the readers of “How to Make A Movie ” had me sent, and not all were completed or ready to be sent to a producer or to be shot, whether it is short or long. The primary reason is that between having an idea, develop it and have a version readable/ tournable, there is a world that few readers of the blog are willing to cross.


Why ?

We live in a society where everything goes fast and where the penguin in the corner becomes a star of the reality tv in a flash. We are surrounded by images of success, the ephemeral, and for most young people today, it has become the new eldorado. The film is also necessarily affected by this lack of vision. Today we want to : write, conduct and play in the movies…young people want to do everything and on…and in general (all the time) they pick it up. Social networks do not help either to see more clearly, on the contrary. The film (actor, director, technician, writer) is an environment where relationships are important, meet the people, the real (not behind a screen !) is a necessity.


Many come on the blog, read the articles at any speed, also write quickly and think it will be a masterpiece. They send it in the mail box of a producer and think that they will be noticed and products…my 4 year old daughter still believes in princesses, elves and fairy tales…but she’s only 4 years old ! I think if you read these lines you’re a little older than this, or not ?! I’ll tell you a secret about the film : It is everything but a fairy tale !!!!!


Moreover, a lot of questions that I have asked are the final questions I have already answered either in the article they just read or in other articles. Moreover, I would like to share with you a message from Inès who writes to me this :

“After reading a few comments in here and I have complained because most of the questions are little or not at all relevant and the answer can be found in the articles that you have already posted, this must be tiring for you because people are not looking for answers but waiting for it in their offers. It is for this reason that I would like to ask you to take good, if you ever want to send the whole world to do… you have understood, let us avoid vulgarity. x)

Some people are aware of the chance of having a true pro who shows us the pitfalls to avoid , and which we encourage. So thank you and stay funny and friendly, it is a pleasure to see you shine in your patience and your faith in us writers become, in your articles.

I don’t know Inès, nor his age, but I can tell you that this message impacted me a lot. I’m not going to hide that sometimes it’s tiring to answer the same questions and realize that the reader only has the name because at the bottom he has not really read the article, too much of a hurry to get to the end, hoping to ” capture “ the info it needs, in short, symptomatic of our time and of what I’m talking about the last few paragraphs. Sometimes it makes me think of a young person who discovers an outlet of karate, and who, after having practiced 1 hour, think to be able to reproduce and defend themselves in the street…the articles of this blog are like taken from karate, it is necessary to read and reread, write and write before you can master them. That is also why I answer the questions that I have asked, even if it is the 200th time, because maybe it can help other readers that fall over.


So what’s new on “How to Make A Movie” in 2015 ?

It’s going to be even one article per week or every 15 days depending on shoots on which I will be. I will always be as fast to respond to your questions ;o) that Brief happiness to you, my dear readers.

I will also introduce you to the filmmakers and to make you share moments of their artistic life, but also make them go back on their experiences writing, preparation or shooting. It is important that you understand what is going on in their head, how they prepare, where they discuss their creation, and filming.


Within a few months I will give you articles in the form of videos so that you can take advantage of me “in real life” ;o)

The doors of scenario+ will re-open to welcome a small handful of you to help you to out your story out of your head and help you be product.

Other surprises are going to happen as of the year. I’m going to focus a little more on the set of filming and the filming itself.

I’m going to give you the opportunity to participate in the competition of short-films and scenarios. In short, a year rich in cinema, as I told you at the beginning of this article, nothing has really changed between 31 December and 1st January, you still have as much desire to make films and you always find so many excuses. That’s why this year you will have no more excuse, I’ll contact you and give you the opportunity tomove forward !


This year 2015 is going to be your year, I want you to be proud of you, I want you to be able to get out the stories in your head and that you can be proud of. Sometimes we wait and the years go by…we say that we still have time…but time flies…The ideas, the desires are still there but the years and life pass and that you managed to make a film, write this famous scenario in which you’re thinking about for a long time. It is very important to achieve, so do not wait any more, go ahead and hold the cap until the first day of January of the next year. In this way you will be able to look at the year that has just ended and finally say : ” something finally changed this year ! “

I wish you all a very happy new year and good health.

Thank you to those who share the blog and its articles around them. Thank you also to those who share in the newsletter that they receive every week. For sharing the article, simply click on the ” like “button at the top of this article ; (o) as well as on the button of Google+, in short, super easy ;o)


This small gesture does a lot for the blog and for its readers.

So thank you to those who will make it ;o) and that are already doing that ;o)

You can now return to the plan of the site (Article Tab) to read other articles, you just have to click on the link.


Tom Weil


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