Hadewijch : trailer 2 / Trailer 2 (VF/HD)

Here is the new trailer for remastered of Hadewijch , as well as the new poster…

The pitch : Shocked by the faith ecstatic and blind of Hadewijch, a novice, the mother superior met at the door of the convent. Hadewijch once again becomes Céline, a young parisienne and daughter of a diplomat. His passion in love for God, her rage and her encounter with Yassine and Nassir lead, between grace and madness, on dangerous paths.

Hadewijch has been directed by Bruno Dumont (Flanders, TwentyNine Palms) with Julie Sokolowski, David Dewaele and Yassine Salim.

Da te of national release on November 25, 2009 !

Hadewijch : trailer 2 / Trailer 2 (VF/HD)

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