Halloween 3D : Exit Zombie and Miner, welcome Lussier

The film will he find finally found its director ?…

It becomes difficult to bet on the future director of Halloween 3D. After Rob Zombie and Steve Miner, this is the one to whisper the sweet name of Patrick Lussier. The same Patrick Lussier, who directed Dracula 2001, The Voices Of the Dead – The Light and, more recently, Murder Was The St. Valentine’s day.

However we know without a doubt less as an editor, and there, it is a very different picture – because is necessary to say that the films mentioned earlier are not very glorious – see more : Freddy comes Out Of The Night of Wes Craven, the saga Scream, still of Wes Craven, Mimic de Guillermo Del Toro or The Eye of Xavier Palud. A pretty nice array of hunting, recognize the.

So who will be next ?

Source : actucine.com

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