How and where to contact a film producer ?

Comment et ou contacter un producteur de film ?

How to contact a producer of feature films or short film


This week, I want to go back to a vital point once you have your story/ scenario is ready : How to contact a producer ? I, of course, already addressed this topic in an article, in October 2013. He was entitled to Sell his or her scenario.

But you are still a lot to ask myself the question, what am I saying, any questions about this important step, which is : The search for a producer.


How and why are we choosing a producer ?

Where is there a producer ?

How do I send his script to a producer ?

What mistakes should you absolutely avoid !

How to be read ?

The parts of the production folder

When and how to turn a producer ?

These are all questions that I will provide answers, in this article, today.

These are all questions that I will provide answers, in this article, today.

How and why are we choosing a producer ?

Before anything else, to find a producer you will need to properly look for it. In a first step it is necessary to stop thinking producer = wallet. A producer is a partner, is there to reflect and give life to your scenario. If you product is that’he likes the story and how you tell.

I was talking about in the article “the 6 degrees of separation” to put into perspective your way of working. Your search for a producer must be a part of this discount into perspective. To be more clear you need to understand that the producer chooses you…it is true…but you also need to make him understand that you also have chosen it ! This should not be a coincidence :


  • We like its editorial line
  • the genre or genres he produces
  • but also the quality of the films of his catalogue.


ATTENTION : always look at what they have produced. On the internet one finds, sometimes, often, people who say they are ” producers “, but to mount a production company, this is not very complicated. What is complicated is to produce, to have a network of of financing a project : short or long and gather a team. If you see on the website of the “producer” that the films that he has produced are not terrible, that this is an amateur…go your way ! If you have to pay to see the films that he has produced (often short-films) (alas it’s there)…go your way !


  • The support that it did with the other developers, hence the importance of get moving and go to festivals and meet the filmmakers ;o)
  • His involvement, what he stands for (in journals, on some sites, you can find INTERVIEWS of major producers or not.)


Where is there a producer ?


The eternal question ! Now that you know why and how to choose a producer, where can you find one ? How many times I read : “I don’t know how to find a producer !” or “I don’t know anyone…” Or ” give me names and contacts of producers ! “

You know me, I’m here to help you, guide you…but I’m not there no more you chew the work ! ;o) If you want to become a writer, director or just to make, produce, your story, will have you moving ! Writer is a business director it is a profession, but attended (not to be confused with wizard ;o)) , this is not a job !

I’ll give you tracks to find a producer, but after that it is your job to look for !


Firstly here is a site that combines all (or almost) the producers of short and long : Unifrance. You will not only get the contact information mail, telephone and mailing, but also the access to their productions. It will facilitate the refinement of their editorial line

There is also the union of the independent producers, the SPI, here you can find a huge list of producers throughout France. (Find the web address of the site)

There are other pay sites, I do not put, you have plenty to do with the links I’ve just given you ;o)

There are also Allociné and IMDB, but is it still necessary to know who one is looking ;o)


And then of course, I you break the ears with it, there are the festivals. There exists a little everywhere, in all regions, the cities (or close to it). All producers do not move on the festivals for each of their films, but there are a few ;o)

There are also, if your area is fitted with a check-in desk shoots that lists the actors audio-visual of your region whose producers ;o) Meet with officials of these offices ;o)

How do I send his script to a producer ?

Here are some mistakes not to make :

  • send your continuity conversed

Because it will first send a synopsis, a letter of motivation, or even the treatment. It is less long and easier to read than a screenplay of 120 pages !


  • send an e-mail without having contacted the production before

It may be that the production has too many projects in progress, or does not wish to produce or optionner a ” junior “. ATTENTION : The term “Junior” does not mean young ! There may be ” Junior “ in the scenario and achievement of age of 70 years ;o)


  • Send your screenplay to producers prior to having called

Ditto for the mail ! And then in the caller you can have a name…


  • Check that they are still in business

It may seem strange to you but it’s already happened at the beginning, identify the name ofa company on a generic short, send it to my scenario and that I is returned in the BOUNCE…simply because the company had put the key under the door ;o)


  • Ensure that they produce the kind of your story, or if you prefer, you enter in their editorial line

A producer who loves the committed films, drama, politics etc…will not produce your very good scenario of Slasher or your comedy ;o)


  • Think they are waiting for you

People who write and who have the melon…no, a field of melons in the place of the head, there are many. I know that if you have a habit of reading me, you are not one of those ;o) but even if you think, rightly, that your scenario is extraordinary, be humble, polite and attentive !! Even if the current does not pass with the producer, he takes you to the top, he tries to teach you life (there are more than you might think ;o)) stay cool ! But, don’t tell : ” saw the shit that I see on the TV, I can tell you that my scenario is much better ! “ or, “The last film of thing, I could write 3 like that in 1 day…” No ! It is one of the principles in the trade, which is also in the film : “this Is not to say that the product of the other crap to sell hers ! “


  • Do not run multiple things at once.

I know some of you do it ! They send an e-mail to the entire list of producers and are waiting to see who will respond first : type first come, first served ! A bit like some do to look for technicians ! No, a producer is like a technician, it is like a woman (a man too) : They want to feel desired ! You need to make the court…if you run several producers at the same time it will be the cold shower-guaranteed !

ATTENTION : This is not to say that you can not send your project to several producers ! Do it intelligently. Choose 4 or 5 candidates, customize your mail or email. Do a single shipment and not grouped ! etc…


  • Send no matter how

Do not send your synopsis, or even your scenario in the body of your email ! Except if you don’t want that one reads you and it lands directly in the trash. Once again, you do it with me ! And then to have talked with a few producers it is a practice that comes back from time to time…No, you need to make a folder, the PDF format is the most appropriate, because the passe-partout.


  • Do not forget the basis of a relationship

Introduce yourself, check in your mail or email, use the formulas of politeness

Don’t forget that the e-mails, SMS, Messenger etc… are the new means of communication , but are above all social links ! It is as if you were sending on paper of small words or letters ! It says : Hello, goodbye, It is this : I am a gadget thingy etc…, we sign his email : Mr Machin or Mrs whatsit Thingy. We use the basic formula but that are good :


  • Cordially
  • please find attached
  • I remain at your disposal for further information
  • I remain at your disposal if you have any questions etc…

Personally I hate to receive messages or emails without a first name. This is not because we’re close to on the blog that he should do anything. Gender : “your blog is super, send me the names of producers “

Pardon ? Already you say : hello, do you present, you said : if it pleases you, goodbye, and you give your name.

And well with the producers, it is the same thing. Don’t forget that you’re not going to have two chances to submit your work. If the producer does not get taken seriously from the first time…it is finished !


How to be read ?


I want to say that this is the point the most difficult to obtain. If you write stories, and that they remain in your drawer, it is useless. Finally, no, it does not serve to nothing, because they exist…but for that they really exist, they must be read. It’s like for a movie or for music, if they are not seen or listened to, it is all the same damage. I already I give you, above, a lot of things to maximize your chances of being read

The meet the people (producers, directors, actors) in the festivals or on shoots, it will give you the runs, politeness, targeting, etc..), or even you will you create a network. This network of trust will settle and you will be able to term you read more easily. Because such or such you will be “introduced” but it is not for any of the following ! There now you have the concrete !


And you know what that you can do it here and now immediately, and that you don’t do ?

  • Know your subject
  • Learn how to speak simply, in few words, of your story, the theme of what you stand for.
  • Learn to control your nerves and your voice
  • Know what you can ask or expect from a producer


You’re going to tell me : ” Yes, but that is when one has an appointment with a producer ! There, I just want it me to read it ! “Ahahahah, ok, very well, but you know that sometimes the guy who picks up the phone in the productions and well it is the producer himself, his assistant or the girl who is responsible for reading projects, make records of the projects that may be of interest to the producer…etc…And often you will say” yes, I am the person to whom you should send your scenario, but before you tell me what it is “

And there you go : “So, yeah…uh…this is the story of a guy…finally, this is not really the story of a guy, this is a group that…well, I do it again” Or you’re going to explain to him to finish off by saying, “but in fact it’s more complicated than that, there are more details in the scenario, etc…” basically, you’re screwed ! You must prepare yourself and know what you are going to say.

By doing this, preparing your speech, you will simply go to someone who knows about it, who knows what he is talking about and to whom ! You will be reassuring, and that the producers love.


The parts of the production folder :

The other point absolutely essential, it is the production folder. I’ve talked about this here (put the link), just to refresh your memory, it is necessary that this folder should contain :

  • Pitch (5 to 6 lines)
  • the notice of intent (2 pages max)
  • the note of achievement (2 page max)
  • synopsis (6 pages) / treatment (20 pages)
  • your cv.


If you send a treatment (20 pages) do not put the synopsis but just a pitch.

You will add a cover page and a contents to find them more easily. Of course you will make a PDF file, if you send it by mail.


ATTENTION : in the context of a short film, your folder should contain :

  • A synopsis (5-6 lines)
  • the notice of intent (2 pages max)
  • the note of realization, if you want to achieve, which is often the case for a short (2 pages max)
  • the continuity of dialogue (Less than 40 pages)
  • your cv.

Ditto that for the folder of the feature, it must be a cover page and a summary, all in PDF format for shipments by mail


When and how to turn a producer ?


How many times have I users of the blog who are concerned because they do not have news, so thatthey sent their screenplay, there are two days or a week…

You can well imagine that productions receive dozens of scenarios per week…and ever since the internet, there is a bit of madness. Frankly the response time can vary between 1 and 3 months…yes it is long ! It depends on the production target, current events etc…Frankly if you don’t have a new one at the end of a month and a half….or even a month, you can re-run them politely. Prétextez that you just want to know if they have received … :o) In general, we will give you a response time or you will even have the direct answer the phone (usually when it happens like this is that it is not ;o)). You’ll like this another date to call back or send a new email. Then don’t call the same day to the given date, wait 3 to 4 days ;o)


That’s it for this article on : how to contact a film producer of short film or feature film.

Theallow me your comments at the bottom of the article.

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Thank you to those who will make it ;o) and that are already doing that ;o).

You can now return to the plan of the site (Article Tab) to read other articles, you just have to click on the link.

Has next Sunday. In the meantime, live your passion to the fullest and don’t be too paranoid ;o)

Tom Weil

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