How are bangles made in Firozabad?

How are bangles made in Firozabad?

Bangles are made from glass melted in a tank furnace with temperatures around 1300 °C to 1400 °C, bangles are made out of soda glass, Firstly the artisan uses a long iron pole to scoop out a glob of molten glass from the tank furnace, he then swiftly transfers it to an another artisan who shapes the glob into a conical …

What kind of bangles are made in Firozabad?

Answer: They are made of several colours of rainbow such as sunny gold,yellow,violet,sky blue,bright red,orange….they are being manufactured by small children who are forced to work in their young age and who, due to this lost their peace and even eyesight sitting in dark hutments. Explanation: hope it will help u.

Why is Firozabad famous for its bangles?

Answer: Firozabad is famous for its bangles. Most families in Firozabad are engaged in making bangles.It is the centre of India’s glass-blowing industry where families work around furnaces, welding glass and making bangles.

What was the condition of bangle makers in Firozabad?

bangle-makers of Firozabad since they are born in poverty, live in poverty and even die in poverty. They lead a life of trouble, torture,tension, deprivation and poverty and for generations together they have been engaged in this trade.

What is bangle making industry?

Bangle-making is a household business with traditional technique being passed on through generations. Firozabad has been producing glass bangles for more than 200 years now and is the biggest manufacturer of glass bangles in the world.

How is the bangle industry of Firozabad a curse for the bangle makers?

Answer : The bangle makers in Firozabad like Mukesh are stuck in a vicious cycle which they are unable to get out of. Years of tradition has killed any hope for a better future. Being born into a family of bangle makers, you have no choice but to join the business.

What are the problems faced by the bangle makers?

Following are the difficulties, faced by the bangle makers of Firozabad : They work in the dingy cells without air and light. They work in high temperatures in front of hot furnaces. Dust from polishing bangles affect their eyes and sometimes causes blindness.

What is the significance of bangles in an Indian society?

It is a tradition to wear bangles after marriage, symbolizing health, luck, and prosperity. Bangles are more than accessories for Indian women. Traditionally, they are more often than not, a part of their identity. Red signifies energy and prosperity, while green denotes good luck and fertility.

What was the condition of bangle makers?

The bangle makers of Firozabad have extreme working conditions, wherein they have to work in the glass furnaces with extremely high temperatures, in dingy cells without air and light; where they slog their daylight hours, often losing the brightness of their eyes.

How big is the glass and bangle industry of Firozabad?

The glass and bangle industry of Firozabad is very big, and they give employment to over 500,000 men, women and children. Out of these, a large no of workers is children.

What is Lazer glass unit in Firozabad?

Our first stop was the Lazer glass unit that manufactures all types of glass items like drinking glasses, jugs, bottles and even the headlights of vehicles. I thought that they only manufacture glass bangles. I was wrong. Firozabad is as engaged in manufacturing many types of glass products.

What is Firozabad famous for?

Since then Firozabad is the home of the glass industry, white and coloured glass pieces being manufactured for the purpose of assembling Jhad and Fanus (chandeliers) which were in demand by royal courts and nobles for decorating their assembling and drawing rooms.

How is the color of bangles made?

With enough glass on the stick, the still burning red hot glass is kept in front of a worker, who gives it a long conical shape. You can see the red hot glass turning into dark red and then finally red, which in this factory was the color of bangles manufactured.

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