How big is a 1U rack space?

How big is a 1U rack space?

1.75 inches
1U refers to a height of 1.75 inches or 4.445 cm. This is the space between the rack shelves that is available for device installation. The size of rack mountable devices is often specified in ‘U’ with a number. A one-rack device is a 1U, while a 2U device requires two rack units.

What does 12U rack mean?

For 12U, the “U” stands for the rack unit that is an EIA standard measuring unit for rack mount type equipment. 1U is equal to 1.75″ in height. A 12U wall cabinet means it would have 21″ internal usable space (12×1.75″).

How big is a 4U rack?

Rack unit calculator grid:

Rack Units Height (in) Height (cm)
1U 1.75″ 4.4 cm
2U 3.5″ 8.9 cm
3U 5.25″ 13.3 cm
4U 7″ 17.8 cm

What is a 4U rack?

You may find “1U” or” 2U” when you look at the product information of the rackmount server. A 19-inch rack means that the width of which is 19 inches. The height of this rack is expressed in “units” called U (unit). 1U is 1.75 inches. So, 2U is 3.5 inches high and 4U is 7 inches high.

What height is 42U?

Configurations. A typical full size rack is 42U, which means it holds just over 6 feet (180 cm) of equipment, and a typical “half-height” rack is 18–22U, which is around 3 feet (91 cm) high.

How wide is 1 rack unit?

19 inches
A rack unit (abbreviated as U, less commonly seen as RU) is a unit of measurement applied to equipment racks and the servers, disk drives and other devices that they contain. One U is 1.75 inches (44.45mm); the standard rack, at 19 inches, is 42U.

What is the average width of a standard server rack?

Server racks are usually 19 inches wide. This is because the vast majority of rack-mounted equipment will have a mounting width of 19 inches, so keeping the width of server racks the same makes life easier for everyone.

How tall is 12U rack?

Rack unit calculator grid:

Rack Units Height (in) Height (cm)
9U 15.75″ 40 cm
10U 17.5″ 44.5 cm
11U 19.25″ 48.9 cm
12U 21″ 53.3 cm

What is a 3U rack?

For electronic equipment racks (e.g., 19 or 23 inches wide), the term 1U is used to define one rack unit of height. Therefore, a 2U rack mount height would be 2 x 1.75”, which equals 3.5-inches high. A 3U height would be 3 x 1.75” = 5.25-inches.

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