How big is a 6 well plate?

How big is a 6 well plate?

Useful information for various sizes of cell culture dishes and flasks

Catalog No. Surface area (cm2)
6-well 140675 9.6
12-well 150628 3.5
24-well 142475 1.9

How many mm is 6 well plate?

Growth Area of Tissue Culture Plates and Dishes

Growth Area (cm2) Media Volume (ml)
150 mm 148 30-45
245 mm (square) 500 100-150
6 well 9.5 1.9-2.0

What is a 6 well plate?

Corning® Primaria™ 6-well Clear Multiwell Plate is comprised of clear surface-modified polystyrene for enhanced cell culture. Flat bottom, with low evaporation lid, individually wrapped, sterile, 50/case. Crystal-grade virgin polystyrene. Nonpyrogenic. Corning® Primaria™ surface treatment.

What is the diameter of 12-well plate?

1.5 Coverslip | 14 mm Glass Diameter | Uncoated.

How many microliters are in a 96 well plate?

CulturPlate Microplates

Well format 24-well 96-well
#rows 4 8
#columns 6 12
Well volume 2.39 mL 400 µL
Recommended working volume 0.5-2.39 mL 80 µL-350 µL

What is cellular Confluency?

Confluency is the percentage area covered by adherent cells. This measurement is routinely used to monitor cell growth and expansion during cell culture experiments. It is key in determining the optimal timings for cell harvest, passage and process interventions such as drug treatment or cell differentiation.

What is the surface area of petri dish?

58 cm2
Nunc® petri dishes diam. × H 90 mm × 15 mm, surface area size 58 cm2, vented.

What is in DMEM media?

DMEM is a modification of Basal Medium Eagle (BME) that contains four fold concentration of amino acids and vitamins. Additionally, the formulation also includes glycine, serine and ferric nitrate. The original formulation contains 1000mgs/L of glucose and was originally used to culture embryonic mouse cells.

What is the diameter of a 24 well plate?

CulturPlate Microplates

Well format 24-well 1536-well
Height (mm) 18.70 14.35
Length (mm) 127.80 127.76
Width (mm) 85.60 85.48
Well diameter (mm) 14.00 1.70

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