How can I close my Commercial Bank credit card?

How can I close my Commercial Bank credit card?

Cardholders are advised to call the Contact Centre to block/deactivate the card if an SMS alert or a One-Time Password is received for a transaction not performed/attempted by them. It is prudent to save any reference numbers, receipts/invoices provided by the merchant/website that is relevant to the purchase.

How do I check the balance on my commercial credit card?

All Commercial Bank Credit Card holders who have their mobile numbers registered with the Bank can avail of the Card Balance by Missed Call Service by dialing 0112353111 from their registered mobile numbers.

How do I activate my commercial card?

Activate by phone Call 4449 0000 with your Commercial Bank registered mobile number, enter your telephone banking PIN number and you will be prompted to activate you Card.

How do I unblock my CBQ credit card?

To unblock your card, you have to call +974 4449 000.

Can I withdraw from credit card commercial bank?

Cash Advance from your mobile device You can always transfer money from your Credit Card to any of your accounts with Commercial Bank. This service is also available on Retail Internet Banking.

How can I activate mobile banking in commercial bank?

You’ll need a mobile device with internet & texting capabilities and an Online Banking account with Commercial Bank. How do I sign up for Mobile Banking? Log into your Online Banking account, click on the ‘Mobile Banking” tab, and complete the enrollment information. You’ll then receive a confirmation text message.

How do I activate my commercial bank app?

Go to ‘ComBank Digital’ Login Page and click ‘Enrol to ComBank Digital’. Step 1 –> Enter NIC and one of your Bank Account Numbers. Tick CAPTCHA and click Next.

What is commercial card center and how do I use it?

Commercial Card Center provides quick access to manage your account at your convenience. You will be able to take advantage of the following services: If you have any questions about this service, please call 1-888-494-5141. COVID-19 UPDATE: UMB Bank is closely monitoring the COVID-19 public health threat.

How do I sign up for a commercialcardcenter account?

Welcome to, please use the Register Now feature and enter your card number in the lower, right-hand section of this screen to begin account registration. Upon login Electronic statements can be enabled through the Delivery Method screen in Account Info.

Why choose commercial bank?

Colombo 04. Being a responsible corporate citizen, Commercial Bank has embedded social and environmental responsibilities into its day to day activities.

What is comcombank cards?

ComBank Cards provide you access to a wide range of discounts and easy payment facilities . Shop conveniently and securely with our Credit and Debit Cards. You can easily apply for a Credit Card from anywhere in Sri Lanka and use it easily for any transaction. You can select Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay cards based on your choice.

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