How can investor relations be improved?

How can investor relations be improved?

In light of all of this, here are 10 easy ways to improve your IR program in 2018:

  1. Sharpen your story.
  2. Target investors smarter.
  3. Broaden your horizons.
  4. Diversify your outreach.
  5. Carefully review sell-side coverage.
  6. Embrace value-added technology.
  7. Know your market intimately.
  8. Get the right feedback.

How do you put an investor presentation together?

When you’re putting yours together, remember to:

  1. Be bold. Grab attention with your vision of a better future.
  2. Tell a story. Data won’t capture the imagination of investors.
  3. Be concrete. Provide real-life examples of the problem and your solution.
  4. Be brief. You need to communicate with stunning efficiency.

What is the number one rule in making an investor presentation?

In his book, Art of the Start, Guy proposes the 10-20-30 rule for investor presentations. That is, the presentation should consist of 10 slides, presented for 20 minutes, with no smaller than size 30 font. This is a good guideline for your presentation and presents some important concepts about presenting.

What is an IR strategy?

An IR Strategy is an expression of an enterprise’s capacity to develop and implement a sound industrial relations management plan which ensures that industrial relations issues and risks are identified, assessed and managed.

What does VP of investor relations do?

The VP of Investor Relations reports to the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for the strategy and implementation of investor relations and public relations of Aeglea. Work Environment: This is a high performance, high growth, fast paced, distributed start-up organization.

What are the common investor relations activities?

IR teams are typically tasked with coordinating shareholder meetings and press conferences, releasing financial data, leading financial analyst briefings, publishing reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and handling the public side of any financial crisis.

How do you end an investment presentation?

9 Ways to End Your Sales Presentation With a Bang

  1. Go back to your opening anecdote or idea.
  2. End with a challenge.
  3. Invite your audience on a metaphorical mission.
  4. Use repetition for a dramatic close.
  5. Offer inspiration.
  6. Surface their objections.
  7. Tell a story.
  8. Ask an unusual question.

What is a pitch deck for investors?

Sometimes called a startup deck or slide deck, a pitch deck is a presentation that founders use to showcase their startups to investors when looking to raise money. Putting together a sleek and impressive pitch deck is an absolutely essential part of the process for any startup that’s looking to raise funding.

How do you impress an investor?

How To Impress Potential Investors Before Getting Funded By Them

  1. Your Skill At Getting In Touch With Them.
  2. Your Ability To Spike Their Interest & Compel Action.
  3. Your Research.
  4. Your Understanding Of The Funding & Startup Game.
  5. Your Pitch Deck Wows & Is On Point.
  6. Your Action Plan Shows Focus.
  7. You Have A Strong Team.

What is investor pitch deck?

Does your Investor Relations Department serve the interests of shareholders?

Against that backdrop, investor relations (IR) departments must continually strive to serve the interests of their organizations, as well as shareholders. Public companies are engaging with shareholders in dramatically different ways these days, and demands from stakeholders are high.

Where can I find the best investor presentations?

The good news is there are a plethora of online resources that share the best Investor presentations. Look for decks curated from the likes of 500 Startups and Y Combinator.

What are the three T’S of effective investor relations?

“Don’t worry about organizational layers or protocol and deal directly with the people who have the information you need,” says Dexter Congbalay, VP of Investor Relations at Mondelez International. Finally, there are the three “T’s”: timeliness, transparency, and trust.

What do we listen to our peers about investing?

We listen to what our broader consumer-staples peers say and how they define themselves. We listen to analysts and investors to understand how they define what they’re seeing as good or bad, or value-building or value-destroying. Number two: you’ve got to provide a thread of logic over time.

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