How do I apply for PMA?

How do I apply for PMA?

You can apply online or by mail. ONLINE APPLICATION. Log in at our website at, click on the online application button and fill-out the online application form. Make sure to have your High School/SHS Form 137 or Form 138 and PSA copy of Birth Certificate in pdf file format.

How do I apply for PMA online 2020?

Process of Application for PMA Entrance Exam 2020 Access and accomplish the application form through Submit your accomplished form. Get your acknowledgment receipt.

Until when is the registration for PMA?

Hello future members of PMA Class 2025! We are now nearing the end of processing your application for cadetship. The online application will be until 01 August 2020.

How do I apply for PMA 149?

To Join Pak Army number PMA 149 long course, you have to go through the following selection procedure:

  1. Registration Process. There are two steps for registration.
  2. Initial Test.
  3. Physical Test.
  4. Initial Medical.
  5. Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB)
  6. Final Medical.
  7. Interview.

What is the passing grade in PMA?

PMA has set the passing score for all assessments in the system to 70%.

How many people are selected for PMA?

The PMA, which currently has three battalions, annually inducts two batches of around 500 cadets each. The addition of a fourth battalion would mean that up to 150 more cadets would be inducted in each batch.

What are the documents required for PMA?

For the application process of PMA, you will need to have High School Form 137 or 138. You will also require a birth certificate copy from NSO. You’ll need to scan the said documents and will have to attach them to the application form.

What is the easiest way to apply for PMA?

Out of the three ways of application- mail, online or physical form the easiest nowadays is an online application form. A PMA cadet can avail of free college education, monthly salary, additional allowances, advanced training facilities, and a rewarding career in the defence field.

How to apply for the PMA cadet online application system?

Proceed to PMA website or 3. Fill out completely the required form in the sign-up process. The asterisk (*) means necessary to fill in and do not leave it blank. The PMA Cadet Online Application System is NOW ACTIVATED. 4.

What is the validation phase of the pmaee?

In this stage, an applicant is required to submit and attach their form 137/138/Report Card/Transcript of Record indicating their latest Grade Point Average (GPA) to validate their credibility. During the validation phase, PMA will determine if you are qualified to take the PMAEE based on the requirements that you uploaded in your account. 9.

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