How do I contact Metro House Boston?

How do I contact Metro House Boston?

If you have any questions regarding how to complete an application or need assistance in completing it, please contact Metro Housing’s Housing Hub at 617-425-6700 or via e-mail at [email protected] and a staff person will assist you.

Is PHA and Section 8 the same thing?

PHAs generally own and manage public housing properties, and administer Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher programs. They may also own other types of affordable housing and administer other programs that help their residents, such as the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program.

How do you get approved for a raft?

Who is eligible for RAFT? To be eligible for RAFT: A family must be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. income at or below 30% of Area Media Income (AMI), and a maximum of 50 percent for families between 30-50% AMI.

Who is eligible for raft in Massachusetts?

The program is designed for families and individuals whose income is at or below 50% of the area median income with a percentage of funding targeted to those whose incomes are below 30% of area median income. This funding is available to eligible Massachusetts residents, regardless of immigration status.

What is Boston Housing dataset?

The Boston Housing Dataset. A Dataset derived from information collected by the U.S. Census Service concerning housing in the area of Boston Mass. This dataset contains information collected by the U.S Census Service concerning housing in the area of Boston Mass.

What is Metro Housing Canada?

Housing Services. Metro Vancouver Housing provides safe and affordable rental homes for more than 9,400 people on 49 sites across the Metro Vancouver region. Our sites are diverse, mixed-income communities that include families, seniors and people with disabilities.

What will raft pay for?

Anyone who is eligible for RAFT is eligible for up to $10,000, whether to stay in their current housing or to move into new housing, and whether they are a renter, homeowner, or currently experiencing homelessness.

How long does it take to get approved for the RAFT program?

between four and seven weeks
It will take between four and seven weeks to process all applications. Who qualifies for RAFT & ERAP? Household qualifications vary by program.

How do I apply for the RAFT program in Massachusetts?

The quickest way to start the application process for RAFT/ERAP Assistance is online by using our APPLY ONLINE NOW portal link. If you are unable to complete the form online, please leave a message on our RAFT hotline at 781.422. 4204 and our staff will call back to assist you in the order your message was received.

What is metmetropolitan Boston Housing Partnership?

Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, formerly known as Boston Housing Partnership, is one of the largest regional providers of rental housing voucher assistance in Massachusetts. Founded in 1983, it serves homeless, elderly, disabled, and low- and moderate-income individuals and families.

What does Metro Housing|Boston do?

Metro Housing|Boston administers a number of rental assistance programs under contract with various government agencies. Metro Housing|Boston is committed to equal opportunity and access to housing for all by incorporating fair housing principles into all of its services.

What is the Boston Housing Partnership?

The Boston Housing Partnership (BHP)was incorporated in 1983 to address the declining availability in Boston of decent, safe, affordable housing for individuals and families with low and moderate incomes.

How do I Contact Metro Housing Boston for housing search assistance?

If you are asked to pay such fees, please contact Property Owner Services Manager Jennifer Shaw at [email protected] or 617.425.6637. Do not contact Jennifer for housing search assistance. If you are a property owner and wish to list an apartment, please complete our List an Apartment form.

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