How do I create a source file in AS400?

How do I create a source file in AS400?

Create Source Physical File (CRTSRCPF)

  1. The Create Source Physical File (CRTSRCPF) command creates a source physical file.
  2. File (FILE)
  3. Record length (RCDLEN)
  4. Member (MBR)
  5. User specified DBCS data (IGCDTA)
  6. Text ‘description’ (TEXT)
  7. System (SYSTEM)
  8. Expiration date for member (EXPDATE)

What is Source Entry Utility?

You can use the source entry utility (SEU) to enter and change source in a source file. If you use SEU to enter source in a database file, SEU adds the sequence number and date fields to each source record. If you use SEU to update a source file, you can add records between existing records.

Where is the source physical file in AS400?

To see all the source members of a source physical file, the command used is WRKMBRPDM. To add source of any type of object in a source physical file we use the command WRKMBRPDM and then F6.

How do I add someone to a physical file?

After the file is created, you can add a member using the Add Physical File Member (ADDPFM) or Add Logical File Member (ADDLFM) command. The Copy File (CPYF) command. If the member you are copying does not exist in the file being copied to, the member is added to the file by the CPYF command.

How do I create a source physical file in as400?

Source statements are entered into a member of a source physical file. Before you can enter your program, you must have a library and a source physical file. To create a library, use the CRTLIB command. To create a source physical, use the Create Source Physical file (CRTSRCPF) command.

How do I create a display file in AS400?

Start the screen design aid by using STRSDA and select option-1. Option-1 selection results into the screen below. Press ENTER and select option-1 to add new record. Option-1 provides the screen to add a new record to the display file.

How do I create a source physical file in AS400?

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