How do I download Sophos Enterprise Console?

How do I download Sophos Enterprise Console?

To download the installer:

  1. Log in to Sophos downloads with your Sophos ID.
  2. If you have logged in for downloads before, you see the Product Downloads and Updates page.
  3. Under Console, click the link for Sophos Enterprise Console and download the installer.

How do I update Sophos Enterprise Console?

Run the console installer (Setup.exe) on the remote SQL server and choose the database component. If you are performing an upgrade, the installer will detect the existing components and perform an upgrade of them (you cannot remove components during an upgrade, use Programs and Features if required).

How do I configure Sophos Enterprise Console?

To follow this scenario, go to Installing Enterprise Console with the databases on a separate server (page 16). Configure the main update manager that is installed alongside the SEC management console to update from Sophos directly. Configure the additional update manager to update from Sophos directly.

How do I check my Sophos Enterprise Console license?

To check your available licenses:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup > System setup.
  2. On the System setup page, click the License tab.

What is the latest version of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control?


Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.8.12 VE 3.83.3 November 2021 VE 3.77.1 October 2019
Sophos Anti-Virus
Threat detection engine 3.83.3 3.77.1
Sophos Client Firewall Windows 8 and later 3.0.6
Sophos Client Firewall Windows 7 and earlier 2.9.7

How do I use Sophos Enterprise Console?

Getting started with Sophos Enterprise Console

  1. Create groups.
  2. Set up policies.
  3. Discover computers on the network and add them to the console.
  4. Protect computers.
  5. Check that computers are protected.
  6. Clean up computers.

In which 2 ways can you license the enterprise dashboard?

There are two license management types available, Individual Sub-Estate Licenses and Enterprise Master Licenses, which is the new functionality in the Sophos Central Enterprise Dashboard.

How do I find my Sophos license number?

Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

  1. Login to Sophos Central account. Login to your Sophos Central Admin account here:
  2. Open licensing menu.
  3. Display license information.

What happens when Sophos Endpoint license expires?

when the license expires [apart from the legal implications of using the software after expiration] endpoints no longer receive detection data (and software) updates thus protection will deteriorate. And for cloud managed versions you’ll lose access to the console.

What is the latest version of Sophos Enterprise Console?

Enterprise Console 5.5.1
Yes, you should consider Enterprise Console 5.5. 1 as the latest version of Sophos Enterprise Console. We encourage all fresh installs to use this version.

What Sophos version am I running?

To check for the product version and the virus engine and threat data information: Click the Sophos icon on the menu bar. Select About Sophos Anti-Virus. This opens the Sophos component version window.

What is AppDynamics enterprise console?

The Enterprise Console is the installer for the Controller and Events Service. You can use it to install and manage the entire lifecycle of new or existing on-premises AppDynamics Platforms and components. You can then discover all platforms on a new Enterprise Console host without any impact on the components.

What are some of the latest issues with Sophos Enterprise Console?

WCAG 2.1 level AA compliance for accessibility. Sophos Enterprise Console 5.5.2. Issues fixed since release 5.5.1 include: Linux/Unix and MAC Exclusions exclusion editing opened a blank text box. Same path, resolved to multiple normalized paths, led to errors in the Sophos Enterprise Console installation.

Is SQL Server Express 2017 included with Sophos Enterprise Console?

SQL Server Express 2017 is included in the package. This is included if you perform a clean install. Sophos Enterprise Console now supports multi-factor authentication. This enables you to configure mobile-token based multi-factor authentication, see knowledge base article 134487.

How much disk space do I need to download Sophos Endpoint Protection?

In addition to this, you will need around 200 MB – 350 MB per endpoint product you are downloading from Sophos. For example, if you download three security software products – for Windows, Mac, and Linux – then around 700 MB would be required.

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