How do I find my Old Mutual shares?

How do I find my Old Mutual shares?

You can use our digital solutions. For your convenience and peace of mind, download the Old Mutual App or register and login into to view your portfolio.

Who owns Old Mutual?

Patrick O’Sullivan became chairman of Old Mutual in 2010, succeeding Christopher Collins. The same year HSBC backed away from its plan to acquire 70% of Nedbank, including Old Mutual’s 53% share. In 2011, Old Mutual sold US Life to Harbinger Group Inc. for $350 million.

What happened Old Mutual?

On 26 September 2018 Old Mutual announced the unbundling of its majority shareholding in Nedbank to its shareholders, marking a total distribution to Old Mutual shareholders worth approximately R43. 2 billion and the completion of Old Mutual Group’s Managed Separation on 15 October 2018.

What products does Old Mutual offer?

There could be some unclaimed benefits due to you.

  • Financial advice. Old Mutual Wills. Create your free will online.
  • Save & invest. Tax free savings account.
  • INSURE. EasiPlus Funeral Cover.
  • Bank & Borrow. Personal Loans.
  • Save & invest. Flexible Plan.
  • Bank & borrow. Money Account.
  • Save & invest. Unit Trust.
  • INSURE. Future Needs Cover.

How do I claim money back from Old Mutual?

How to claim with Old Mutual

  1. Web. Submit your Funeral claim online.
  2. WhatsApp. Save 0860 933 333 as a contact on your phone.
  3. USSD. Dial *120*6672” for free to begin the process of submitting your funeral claim.
  4. Email. Once we have received all the required documentation for a valid claim and approve the claim, we aim to pay:

Does Old Mutual give cash back?

To assist our loan customers, Old Mutual is giving qualifying customers a percentage of their balance back in cash every month for the duration of the cash back benefit period. If you are an active Money Account customer[2] , you will receive double the cash back benefit.

How do I claim money from Old Mutual?

How many clients does Old Mutual have?

We invest time and money on the continent, supporting over 400 000 people with financial education programmes.

Does Old Mutual own Nedbank?

OLD MUTUAL has obtained all the regulatory approvals required to implement the unbundling of the 12.2 percent stake in Nedbank Group, the company said yesterday. It is further to Old Mutual’s unbundling of its majority shareholding in Nedbank in 2018 as part of the completion of its managed separation process.

Who is the CEO of Old Mutual?

Iain Williamson (Jul 2020–)Old Mutual plc / CEO

How can I make money with R500?

8 ways to invest R500 a month wisely

  1. Pay extra into your bond.
  2. Pay extra into your credit card.
  3. Opt for tax-free savings.
  4. Start a retirement annuity.
  5. Invest it in a unit trust.
  6. Exchange traded funds (ETF)
  7. Education fund.
  8. Save for a rainy day.

Can you invest with Old Mutual?

Investing isn’t just for rich people. It’s for anyone with a little extra money and a lot of dreams. At Old Mutual, we have a range of investment products to help you reach your short-, medium- and long-term savings goals.

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