How do I get BBC Radio 5 Live?

How do I get BBC Radio 5 Live?

Mobile: You can listen to 5 Live on your smartphone if you visit via your mobile browser. Our mobile site also provides access to our schedule, clips and more. Please note: Streaming radio is a data intensive service.

Is BBC Live 5?

BBC Radio 5 live live. Their emission include news, sport, discussion and interviews. Main programmes: Live Premier League, FA Cup and EFL Cup.

What frequency is BBC radio Sunderland?

95.4 MHz
BBC Radio Newcastle

Broadcast area Newcastle upon Tyne Gateshead South Tyneside North Tyneside City of Sunderland north east County Durham Northumberland
Frequency FM 95.4 MHz (Pontop Pike) DAB: 11C (Burnhope) Freeview: 719
Language(s) English

How can I listen to radio 5 Live in my car?

In a world of multiplatform radio, with DAB, FM, HD Radio and radio online, there are many different ways to tune in, whether you want to listen in the car, on the bus or at home….Other platforms.

Freeview (UK) Channel 705
RadioFeeds UK & Ireland Listen live: B5L
Sky Channel 0105
Radioplayer UK Get the app

Why is Question Time not on 5 live?

Question Time Extra replaced Following his move to mid-morning, Chiles’ Question Time Extra Time show will be replaced by a new programme, hosted by Colin Murray.

How can I listen to BBC Sunderland?

BBC Radio Sunderland will be available- weekdays 6am-2pm online at or via DAB digital radio.

What radio station is the Sunderland match on today?

The station carries uninterrupted commentary on all Sunderland games on either 95.4FM or DAB and 1458 AM, with expert commentary and analysis from Nick Barnes and former Sunderland skipper and defender, Gary Bennett, the most experienced red and white commentary team in the business who’ve been going from strength to …

What radio station is playing the England game?

BBC Radio 5 Live
More from BBC Radio 5 Live.

What frequency does BBC Radio 5 Live use?

Here’s an overview of how you can and can’t listen to BBC Radio 5 Live: AM: 693 and 909 kHz. FM: Not available. DAB: 12B (225.648 MHz)

How do I listen to BBC Radio 5 Live on DAB?

On DAB radio you should be able to find BBC Radio 5 Live just by scrolling through the stations listed in alphabetical order. If your DAB radio doesn’t find 5 Live, try retuning it. Here’s an overview of how you can and can’t listen to BBC Radio 5 Live: AM: 693 and 909 kHz.

Is Radio 5 Live available on FM?

Radio 5 Live is the BBC’s station for sport, news and phone-ins, covering most major sports events in the UK. Although a national service, it is not broadcast on FM, the only analogue frequencies being 693, 909 and 990 kHz on AM. It’s also available on DAB, over the internet…

What is BBC Radio 5 Live’s remit?

BBC Radio 5 Live’s remit includes broadcasting rolling news and transmitting news as it breaks. It offers news bulletins every half an hour, apart from during live sports commentaries. The BBC’s policy for major breaking news events revolves around a priority list.

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