How do I get further into Lhusu mines?

How do I get further into Lhusu mines?

During the player’s first visit, there can be a treasure in Transitway 1 that may contain a Killer Bow. In Site 2 area, before the spot where Rocktoise is fought, there can be a treasure that may have the Assassin’s Dagger. Later, when the Antlion hunt becomes available, the player can venture deeper into the mines.

What level should I be for Gilgamesh ff12?

The second part of the battle is much more difficult and likely cannot be completed until later on in the game. Gilgamesh is level 45 during the first fight and level 70 during the second fight, just to give you an idea of the difficulty differences.

Where is the site 3 KEY?

Head to the house in the middle of Bhujerba and talk to Niray to find out that her kids have gone missing in the mines. You’ll get the Site 3 Key which will open the door in the far side of the cave where you met Ba’Gamman and fought the Rocktoise in Cry of Its Power, so make your way there.

Can you beat Ba Gamnan in Lhusu mines?

You do not have to engage Ba’Gamnan and it is much easier to run away from him back to the entrance to the Lhusu Mines. There are no rewards for defeating Ba’Gamnan who just runs away at the end of the fight.

How do I get the Byblos bone?

It can also be found from the Lhusu Mines or the Cerobi Steppe. To find it in the mines, the player must pick up the key in Phon Coast to proceed deeper (after Antlion hunt). In Site 5 there is a northern dead-end alcove where a treasure has a 25% chance to spawn that yields the Bone of Byblos.

What can you steal from Gilgamesh ff12?

After Gilgamesh’s paling fades the player can steal the remaining piece of Genji equipment: Genji Armor. After defeating him, a cutscene will follow as the party leaves the battlefield (the cutscene varies depending on who is the party leader).

What do you get for beating Gilgamesh ff12?

Mark location: Lusu Mines, Tasche Span and Site 7. Reward: 10000 Gil, Masamune. Steal: Genji Gloves.

How many hunts are in ff12?

45 hunts
Hunting in Final Fantasy XII In total there are 45 hunts for the player to fell. NPCs join for certain hunts to assist the player’s party. Completing hunts is a good way to gain EXP and LP and to earn various rewards, including new equipment and rare loot.

How do you beat Croakadile?

One strategy is to immediately summon Belias and cast Fire spells after he leaves. With proper healing, Belias will kill Croakadile by himself. Quickening chains also help. Equipping Nishijin Belts protects against Sleep, which is likely the most hazardous status Croakadile can inflict.

Where can I find the key(s) for the Lhusu Mines?

Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Where can I find the key (s) for the Lhusu Mines? Where? Accept this hunt from Montblanc. Lady Niray in Bhujerba/Staras Residence gives you the Site 3 Key when you accept the Hunt Antlion. After defeating Antlion, look in Phon Coast next to the fallen Bhujerban for the Site 11 key.

What are some of the interesting features of the mines?

Among the mines’ interesting features is that, as it is located on a sky continent, the deeper one gets into the mines the lighter it gets. Normally the mines are protected by a paling, however, it has fallen and monsters have invaded the site.

What is the most common treasure in the mines?

In the original version, Knot of Rust is the most common treasure in the mines, all treasures being able to give one. Motes are the other common treasures. With the Diamond Armlet equipped there is a small chance of obtaining an Elixir or Hi-Ether from the treasures instead.

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