How do I know the size of my throttle body?

How do I know the size of my throttle body?

Remove the throttle body using a small pry bar or flat head screwdriver. Turn the throttle body sideways if it is a vertically mounted throttle body. Measure the holes or ports in the bottom of the throttle body. When measuring the ports, you are measuring the bore diameter of the throttle body.

Is a bigger or smaller throttle body better?

The general rule is: the bigger the size, the higher the RPM needed for a kick of power. If your new throttle body is too big your vehicle will feel tired at lower RPMs, while really taking off powerfully at higher RPMs (when the engine’s demand of air flow matches up with the the internal bore’a bigger size).

What size is the ls1 throttle body?

Stock LS-1 is 75mm. The MAF is also 75mm. STock LS-2’s are 90mm. With an 85mm MAF.

What size is LM7 throttle body?

GM LM7 Engine Specs

LM7 Throttle Body, Fuel Injector Specs & More
Intake Manifold Truck Style
Throttle Body 78mm, 3-Bolt
Throttle Control (1999-2002) Throttle Cable
Throttle Control (2003-04) Electronic, Drive-by-Wire (most models)

Do I need a bigger throttle body?

A bigger throttle body means more air And since the engine is basically a large air pump, increasing the air intake level will increase the engine’s power output as well, in some cases by up to 15 to 25 hp. Having more air, but not enough fuel, going into the engine could lead to no extra power being made.

Are LS throttle bodies interchangeable?

Absolutely! In fact, there are throttle body adapters created for that specific purpose so that you can retrofit your larger four bolt on your current three bolt.

What is a short ram intake?

The short ram air intake is a form of aftermarket air intake for automobiles with internal combustion engines. It replaces the OEM air intake with a short metal pipe and a conical air filter inside the engine bay. This may be partially offset by an increase in the volume of air entering the engine.

What is the outside diameter of the throttle body?

The outside diameter is 4″ on both the 78mm 3 bolt and 90mm 4 bolt throttle bodies. I’m using the same k&n intake tube on my nnbs intake that I had with the stock intake.

How much horsepower does a 92mm throttle body put out?

Run with the FAST 92-mm throttle body, the modified 6.0L LY6 produced peak numbers of 546 hp and 494 lb-ft of torque. The FAST 92-mm throttle body measured 3.540 inches in diameter, considerably smaller than the nearly 3.70-inch opening in the LS3 intake.

What size is the throttle body on a Chevy LS?

Throttle Body, Sniper LS, MPI, 92mm, Billet Aluminum, Black Anodized, Chevy LS, Each Throttle Body, Cast Aluminum, Black, 92mm, LS, Each Throttle Body, Sniper LS, MPI, 102mm, Billet Aluminum, Black Anodized, Chevy, Small Block LS, Each

How big is the throttle opening on a LS3?

The factory LS3 throttle body featured a throttle opening designed for use with the stock 90-mm DBW throttle body. The throttle opening in the LS3 intake actually measured 3.698 inches.

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