How do I pay my Nedbank credit card from another bank?

How do I pay my Nedbank credit card from another bank?

How do you make your credit card payments? You can transfer money directly into your credit card account from another account. You can do this via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or a transfer from any other Nedbank account.

How do I load a Nedbank credit card as a beneficiary on FNB?

Financial planning

  1. STEP 1: Enter your username and password on and login to your Online Banking profile.
  2. STEP 2: Select Pay.
  3. STEP 3: Select Add.
  4. STEP 4: Under ‘Recipient details’, select A Public Recipient.
  5. STEP 5: Enter the recipient name and select Search.

What is a banking profile number Nedbank?

Your Nedbank profile number is a 10-digit number that starts with a 3. If you don’t remember your Nedbank profile number, you can visit your nearest branch. Remember that you can register for Cellphone Banking using your Nedbank card and PIN.

How do I pay my Nedbank credit card from capitec?

use our app to make immediate payments

  1. Tap Transact.
  2. Tap Payments.
  3. Choose the beneficiary and select Pay.
  4. Enter the payment details.
  5. Tap Immediate payment.
  6. Enter your secret Remote PIN to confirm.

Can I make EFT Payment with a credit card?

Credit/debit cards – You can also make EFT payments with a credit or debit card. You can use your card to move money from a business bank account, make purchases, or pay bills. You simply need to enter your routing number and bank account number to make a payment.

Can you add a credit card as a beneficiary?

Re: Credit Card as Beneficiary Currently the option to add your credit card as a beneficiary is not enabled, you only have the option to link your credit card to the current account card that is linked to the mobile banking app in order to be able to transact between them.

Is FNB and FirstRand the same bank?

FirstRand Bank Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of FirstRand Limited, and has a number of divisions, including Rand Merchant Bank (the investment bank), FNB (the retail and commercial bank) and WesBank (the instalment finance provider).

How do I know my bank account details?

Manual Validation

  1. Ask for Identification.
  2. Call the Customer’s Bank. Call the bank listed on the customer’s check.
  3. Record the Bank’s Response. Record the agent’s responses for future reference.
  4. Choose a Validation Service. Subscribe to a bank account validation service.
  5. Log-In to Your Service.

How do I find my Nedbank profile number online?

How to register on Online Banking

  1. Go to and select ‘Register’.
  2. Enter your South African ID number or foreign passport number.
  3. Accept the Approve-it message on your cellphone.
  4. Create your Nedbank ID username and password.

What is profile number?

Your profile number is a unique 10 digit number, used to access our internet and cell phone banking channels. You will need to visit a branch with your ID to retrieve yours.

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