How do I return a stored procedure in SQL Server?

How do I return a stored procedure in SQL Server?

To see this yourself, execute any stored procedure from the object explorer, in SQL server management studio.

  1. Right Click and select Execute Stored Procedure.
  2. If the procedure, expects parameters, provide the values and click OK.
  3. Along with the result that you expect, the stored procedure also returns a Return Value = 0.

How do I return a stored procedure message?

Your best bet is to use a output parameter. In your stored procedure add the parameter @text nvarchar(1000) OUTPUT then in your code add an extra parameter with the name @text and set the parameter direction to output .

How can a stored procedure return more than one value in SQL Server?

In order to fetch the multiple returned values from the Stored Procedure, you need to make use of a variable with data type and size same as the Output parameter and pass it as Output parameter using OUTPUT keyword. You can also make use of the Split function to split the comma separated (delimited) values into rows.

How do I return a SQL procedure?

The RETURN statement is used to unconditionally and immediately terminate an SQL procedure by returning the flow of control to the caller of the stored procedure. It is mandatory that when the RETURN statement is executed that it return an integer value. If the return value is not provided, the default is 0.

How do you return a value from a stored procedure in MySQL?

To return a value from stored procedure, you need to use user defined session specific variable. Add @ symbol before variable name. Now second call for difference of two values. Call the stored procedure.

How can I return multiple values from a stored procedure in MySQL?

MySQL stored function returns only one value. To develop stored programs that return multiple values, you need to use stored procedures with INOUT or OUT parameters.

How do you create a stored procedure in SQL?

To create a stored procedure in SQL Server: Click New Query on the SSMS toolbar Type (or paste) a CREATE PROCEDURE statement (example below) Click the Execute button on the toolbar

How to execute a Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure?

In Object Explorer,connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine,expand that instance,and then expand Databases.

  • Expand the database that you want,expand Programmability,and then expand Stored Procedures.
  • Right-click the user-defined stored procedure that you want and click Execute Stored Procedure.
  • How do I create a new stored procedure?

    To create a new stored procedure In Server Explorer, right-click the Stored Procedures folder or any stored procedure in that folder. Choose Add New Stored Procedure on the shortcut menu. You can replace StoredProcedure1 in the first line with the name of the new procedure. Write the remaining procedure text in SQL.

    What is stored procedure return value?

    Return values indicate a return code from the stored procedure. The return value does not have to be specified as the parameters do. We simply use the RETURN SQL statement to return a value. This value has to be an Integer data type and can return any value you need.

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