How do people in Vietnam form friendship?

How do people in Vietnam form friendship?

Like in other countries, friendship in Vietnam is constructed and developed on the basis of mutual understanding, sympathy and trust. Moreover, while western people often hug and kiss to greet their friends, Vietnamese people rarely make physical touch, especially when their friends are in the opposite gender.

How do you show respect in Vietnamese culture?

The Vietnamese consider the following respectful:

  1. Bowing is a greeting and shows great respect.
  2. Nodding is used as another way to say hello and yes.
  3. Avoiding eye contact shows respect to older people or to people of the opposite sex.

What is disrespectful in Vietnamese culture?

Common taboos in Vietnam Avoid hugging, holding hands, and especially kissing in public. Even touching a member of the opposite sex is looked down upon. Modesty: It is important to keep your body covered. Avoid overly short shorts and revealing shirts.

What should you not gift in Vietnamese?

Must not gifts include shoes, watches, sharp items, handkerchiefs, suitcases, underwear, rings (for girlfriends at Tet), money, etc. Shoes also mean “hài” which is pronounced like a complaint. Watches remind Vietnamese old people about their ages.

Who are Vietnamese friends?

During the Vietnam War (1959–75), North Vietnam balanced relations with its two major allies, the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China.

Where can I meet people in Saigon?

Best Places To Meet Expats In Ho Chi Minh City

  • Phatty’s Sports Bar and Grill. Phatty’s is an expat owned and operated bar that’s the go-to spot in Saigon for all the major sports games and matches.
  • Expats in HCMC – Facebook Group.
  • Comedy Saigon.
  • CrossFit Thao Dien.
  • Saigon Outcast.
  • Habitat Bar.

What is Vietnamese culture known for?

Part of the East Asian cultural sphere, Vietnamese culture has certain characteristic features including ancestor veneration and worship, respect for community and family values, and manual labor religious belief. Important cultural symbols include 4 holy animals: Dragons, Turtles, Phoenix, Unicorn.

What does crossing fingers mean in Vietnam?

In Vietnam the gesture is considered rude, especially to another person. Referring to female genitals, it is comparable to the finger in western culture. In German-speaking countries and also Sweden and Latvia the gesture is a sign of lying. Instead wishing for luck is gestured by holding thumbs.

Do Vietnamese people slurp?

For example, it is usually considered polite to slurp or make noises while eating in Vietnam. This is especially true when it comes to eating noodles: slurping is the norm and there are many (good) reasons for this, all of which are related to taste, flavour, and general enjoyment of the food you’re eating.”

How do you show gratitude in Vietnamese culture?

To say thank you in Vietnamese, use the phrase “cảm ơn,” which sounds like “gauhm uhhn.” If you’re thanking an older woman, add “bà,” or if you’re thanking an older man, add “ông.” If you want to express strong gratitude, add “nhiều lắm” at the beginning.

Is it easy to make friends in Vietnam?

It’s not difficult to make friend in Vietnam because Vietnamese people are very friendly and helpful. Be nice and smile. Everything will go right.

How to make new friends in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, there are specific social conventions that are followed in business and social situations. Circumstances such as greetings have certain gestures and required etiquette that should be followed. Being respectful of these customs will go miles to help you make new friends in Vietnam.

How do you greet someone in Vietnam?

Handshakes are the common greeting and goodbye. Some Vietnamese use a two-handed shake, with the left hand on top of the right wrist The traditional greeting is to press your hands together in front of your body and bow slightly, but this is a bit old-fashioned now and only practised in formal situations. In most cases, a bow is enough.

Why learn Vietnamese customs and etiquette when travelling to Vietnam?

If you’re travelling to Vietnam for the first time, gaining a knowledge of local customs and etiquette will go a long way to help you avoid any embarrassing situations where you may inadvertently cause offence, or worse, get into serious trouble!

What do Vietnamese people think about the Vietnam War?

Some people have learned this the hard way: don’t speak ill of Vietnamese war heroes or make jokes about anything related to the war. Generally speaking, Vietnamese people have a great sense of humour, but they don’t joke about the war years. Those were difficult times for everyone in this country.

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