How do you add reputation in Fallout: New Vegas?

How do you add reputation in Fallout: New Vegas?

Select 1 to add reputation; select 0 to add infamy. Then replace with the amount of rep you want to add or remove. You can only add 5 rep at a time, to a maximum of 100 total. Example: addreputation 0011e662 1 5 — earn 5 fame with the Brotherhood of Steel.

What is the fastest way to raise your NCR reputation?

  1. Help around camp Forlorn Hope (healing the patients, finding who’s stealing drugs, the guy with the inventory has quests for you too etc.);
  2. IIRC getting the bounties for the VIP fiends (Violetta & co) gives rep;
  3. Helping camp Forlorn Hope take back Nelson from the Legion;

How do I reset my NCR reputation?

Your negative reputation with the NCR is reset once- shortly after you meet House. Aside from the NCR and Caesar resets, there is no way to lower infamy- at least not in an unmodded game. If you’re on the PC, console commands can still change rep/quest progress and mods may change this.

How do I increase my great Khan reputation?

When completing and turning in the portion of the Aba Daba Honeymoon quest that involves the delivery to Motor-Runner when already “Idolized” with the Khans, the player may gain reputation with them, but somehow be cycled back down to “Accepted.” This may be related to keeping the Khans faction uniform on when handing …

How do I stop NCR attacking me?

Solution: Equip the faction armor again and unequip it. If you do not know which faction armor you did this “bug” with, then equip all faction specific armors and unequip them one at a time(khan,legion,ncr, etc) Only one piece of each is needed to turn the setting to 0.

What does smiling troublemaker mean?

Mixed. “A little bit good mixed with a little bit bad, people haven’t figured you out yet.” Smiling Troublemaker. “People know you’re good at heart even though you’re occasionally a troublemaker.”

Are Great Khans evil?

By 2281, the Great Khans have been reduced to making and selling drugs for the Fiends and others, and are less violent than ever, though still very hostile to the NCR. By this point they are no longer truly evil and can be considered neutral.

Can you join the Great Khans in New Vegas?

Joining the Great Khans isn’t as simple as some of the other factions. There are two specific quests you must first complete. The first is We Are Legion, in which you must kill all the NCR soldiers in Camp Forlorn Hope. Dead Sea, a member of the Legion in Nelson, will give you this quest.

Why is NCR attacking me for no reason?

The quest from ranger Andy is very simple, involves killing a couple of legion guys, and gives a bit of fame. Find out your relationship with the NCR, as a poor reputation can cause them to attack you. Thanks guys. I finally figured out that the NCR kept attacking me because of a bug related to wearing faction armor.

How do you change your reputation in Fallout New Vegas?

Forums: Index > Fallout: New Vegas gameplay help > Console command to change reputation The codes are AddReputation # or SetReputation # ex. player.addreputation f43dd 1 100= sets positive reputation with Caesar’s Legion to max. ex. player.setreputation f43dd 0 0 = sets negative reputation with Caesar’s Legion to 0.

How to change faction reputation?

The most effective method for altering faction reputation appears to be; First, erase existing reputation. Second, adjust reputation as desired. The console commands to accomplish this are expressed below: Step 1. 1) Pressing the “~” key opens the console. 3) Press the enter key. ||| neutral reputation with The White Glove Society. Step 2.

What are the factions in Fallout New Vegas?

Player reputation and faction Fallout: New Vegas factions Fallout: New Vegas factions Name ID Black Mountain (mutant) 000E9480 Black Mountain (nightkin) 000E9481 Boomers 000FED3F

What is the console command in Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout: New Vegas. console commands. The console is a debugging tool in the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas. It is useful for altering content while in-game and working around bugs but may be used to cheat as well. Use the backquote key ( `) while in-game (Unpaused). The backquote key.

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