How do you beat Soda Popinski title defense?

How do you beat Soda Popinski title defense?


  1. Punch the soda bottle from Popinski’s hand that’s holding it.
  2. Use a right jab when he uses his left hook. (It’s more strict in Title Defense)
  3. Let him drink and as he centers himself, hit his gut.
  4. When he uses the left hook, dodge it, then do a delayed hook for a star.
  5. Jab him when he laughs during his taunt.

What does Glass Joe say in Punch-Out?

Vive la France: Glass Joe’s signature move. He will go to the back of the mat, do a long taunt while saying, “Eh, eh? Vive la France!”, go back to the middle of the mat, and do a right uppercut. Hit him with either a normal punch, a Star Punch or a Two-Star Punch to knock him down in one hit.

Is Butterbean King Hippo?

King Hippo’s appearance in the NES game seems to be based on real-life boxer and mixed martial artist Eric “Butterbean” Esch.

Does Soda Popinski get the belt in title defense?

Soda Popinski returns in Title Defense Mode to defeat Mac and get the World Circuit belt. His appearance changes very little as the only difference is that his gloves, pants, and boots have turned purple. According to his Title Defense video, scientists created a specially-formulated soft drink-like elixir to make him stronger.

How do you beat Soda Popinski in Fight Club?

When Soda Popinski gets really desperate, he’ll step back—either to the left or to the right—and pull out a soda, holding it out in front of you. If he steps to your left, quickly punch with a left jab (use a right jab if he steps to your right) to knock the soda out of his hand and earn a star.

Why can’t Soda Popinski uppercut stars?

His left hook is simply too fast to uppercut it for a star, and if you did it early, whether it be Contender or Title Defense, he gets scared or dodges it. Soda Popinski is one of two fighters who can heal in between rounds, the other being Little Mac by pressing the – button between rounds.

Why does Nick Popinski wear a Speedo?

Popinski spills soda onto his chest when drinking, which could cause his opponent’s gloves to stick when punching him. In Title Defense, Popinski is doping with a special soda that was made in a lab to enhance his strength. Rather than boxing shorts, Popinski is wearing a skin-tight speedo.

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