How do you calculate apparatus dew point temperature?

How do you calculate apparatus dew point temperature?

Calculate ADP using psychrometric chart Locate the inlet & outlet points in the chart and draw a line through it which represents the SHF. Extend the line and locate ADP at the intersection on saturation line. We may need to use protractor and set square to draw this line and find ADP.

What is apparatus dew point ADP?

apparatus dew point (ADP) the effective coil surface temperature when there is dehumidification. This is the temperature to which all the supply air would be cooled if 100% of the supply air contacted the coil.

What is coil apparatus dew point?

Apparatus Dew Point (ADP) is the effective surface temperature of the cooling coil required to accomplish the cooling/dehumidifying process. On the psychrometric chart, ADP is the point where cooling & dehumidification line cuts the saturation curve. The above definitions of Apparatus Dew Point are purely theoretical.

Where is dew point temperature on the psychrometric chart?

The dew point is represented on the chart by Point 3. The dew point is measured vertically and usually measured in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius, on this chart it is measured in Fahrenheit. The dew point is the “temperature at which water vapor starts to condense out of the air.”

How do you find the dew point in Excel?

Computing the Dew Point

  1. (1)dew point = 237.1 r / (17.27 − r)
  2. (2)r = 17.27 C / (237.1 + C) + ln(H/100)
  3. (3)r = 17.27 D / (D+237.1)
  4. (4)H = 100 exp( r − 17.27 C / (237.1+C) )

How do I find my ADP coil?

In the coils printout, you will be able to find the bypass factor BF, and the ADP value + BF in the info button. And you will find the ADP temperature. Under additional tech data, the required info will be displayed. This feature is available in all COILS versions from STANDARD to ENTERPRISE.

What is bypass factor?

Bypass factor (BPF): It is defined as the ratio of loss in cooling or heating to the ideal cooling or heating.

What is contact factor?

The contact factor of a coil is defined as the efficiency for dehumidification. A 100% efficient coil will bring the moisture content of air to the saturation moisture content at the apparatus dew-point, gc.

How do you calculate wet bulb temperature from dew point?

The technique is to first find the dewpoint depression (temperature minus dewpoint). Then take this number and divide by 3. Subtract this number from the temperature. You now have an approximation for the wet-bulb temperature.

How do you find the dew point of a wet-bulb and a dry-bulb?

Find the dry-bulb temperature on the left side of the “Dew-point Temperatures” ESRT, then find the difference between the wet and dry-bulbs, also known as the wet-bulb depression, on the top of the chart. Where these rows meet, you will see the dew-point.

How do you find saturation temperature on a psychrometric chart?

To read a psychometric chart, find the dry bulb temperature on the horizontal or X axis. Check the vertical or Y axis for the humidity ratio. The uppermost curved line on the chart shows the saturation curve when the relative humidity is 100 percent.

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