How do you calculate horse racing winnings?

How do you calculate horse racing winnings?

The amount paid out is normally calculated in the following way:

  1. Dividing your total stake by the number of horses included in the dead heat.
  2. Multiplying that figure by the odds at which the bet was placed.

How do you calculate odds of winning?

To convert odds to probability, take the player’s chance of winning, use it as the numerator and divide by the total number of chances, both winning and losing. For example, if the odds are 4 to 1, the probability equals 1 / (1 + 4) = 1/5 or 20%.

How are Rule 4 deductions calculated?

A rule 4 deduction is expressed as a number of pence in the pound. The shorter the price of the withdrawn runner, the higher the amount of pence in the pound and therefore the bigger the rule 4. The bigger the price of the withdrawn horse, the smaller the rule 4 deduction is.

How is a forecast bet calculator?

Those bookies that don’t offer a fixed price on the straight forecast before the start of a horse or greyhound race use the Computer Straight Forecast (CSF) to work out your return. Essentially this is a computer calculation based upon the number of runners and their starting prices (SP).

What do you call a four horse bet?

The superfecta is a type of wager in USA and Canada parimutuel betting in which the bettor, in order to win, must pick the first four finishers of a race in the correct sequence.

What is a 15p Rule 4 deduction?

Rule 4 is simply a deduction that is made to winning bets, when the race is impacted by a horse not running. It is a fair method of recalculating bets that have already been placed when suddenly a horse is withdrawn. To adjust for the non-runners, Rule 4 calculates what the true odds of each remaining horse now are.

How much is a Rule 4 deduction?

How much are Rule 4 deductions?

Price of non runner when bet placed Decimals R4 Deduction
4/5 to 4/6 1.80 to 1.66 55p
20/21 to 5/6 1.95 to 1.83 50p
Evens to 6/5 2.00 to 2.20 45p
5/4 to 6/4 2.25 to 2.50 40p

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