How do you conjugate Aller in the future tense in French?

How do you conjugate Aller in the future tense in French?

En 2500, les Hommes iront coloniser Mars.In 2500, Men will go and colonise Mars. J’irai te rejoindre à la fin de l’été. I will go and meet you at the end of the summer. Nous irons visiter la tour Eiffel quand nous serons à Paris….Learn how to conjugate ALLER (to go) in Le Futur Simple in French.

j’ irai
ils/elles iront

What is the futur proche tense?

The futur proche is called the ‘near future’ in English, close in meaning to ‘going to + infinitive’. It is used to describe actions that will happen very soon.

How do you conjugate Aller in the imperative?

The French irregular verb aller (“to go”) is one of the most frequently used of all French verbs….Conjugated in the Imperative Mood.

Present Imperative/Impératif Présent Past Imperative/ Impératif Passé
(tu) va (tu) sois allé(e)
(tu) va (nous) soyons allé(e)s
(vous) allez (vous) soyez allé(e/s)

How do you use Aller infinitive?

The verb ALLER means “to go”. We use ALLER to express that someone is going to do something or that someone is going somewhere. The construction ALLER + Infinitive is used to express the Near Future. In everyday conversation, this construction is used more frequently than the Future Tense.

What is the conjugation of aller in French?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
je / j’ vais allais
tu vas allais
il va allait
nous allons allions

What is the perfect tense of aller?

So the perfect tense of aller (to go) is: je suis allé(e)- I went. tu es allé(e)- you went (informal) il est allé – he went.

How do you conjugate Aller in futur simple?

Conjugate aller in Le Futur (future tense) The verb aller in Futur Simple has an irregular stem : ir- To conjugate the irregular verb aller (to go) in Futur Simple, you use: ir- + the following endings: -ai, -as, -a, -ons, -ez, -ont

How do you conjugate the futur proche?

To conjugate the futur proche, we use the present tense of the verb aller as an auxiliary verb, followed by the infinitive of the main verb.

How do you say the near future in French?

Le futur proche: the near future in French. What is the futur proche? Le futur proche, also known as le futur composé, is used to talk about actions in the near future. It corresponds to the English structure going to + infinitive, and emphasises that there is already an intention behind the action.

How do you form the future tense in French?

To form the future tense in French, we add to the infinitive of the verb (be careful: not the stem, but the whole infinitive, including the ER) the endings “ai, as, a, ons, ez, ont”. Note that the future endings look very much like the verb avoir in the present tense…

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