How do you get 20x optimum points?

How do you get 20x optimum points?

On a typical day, you would earn 15 points for every $1 spent. With the 20x coupon applied, every $1 spent will net you 300 PC Optimum points. To get the 20x coupon, open your Shoppers Drug Mart or PC Optimum app. You can also access the voucher by clicking “load offer” in your weekly Shoppers email.

How does shoppers spend your points event work?

Today is The Spend Your Points PLUS Event! Spend 50,000 Shoppers Optimum Points and get up to $85 off your purchase, PLUS $20 worth of points back – that’s a $105 savings value! Or, spend 95,000 points and get up to $170 off, PLUS $40 worth of points back – that’s a $210 savings value.

How much is 50000 Shoppers points?

50,000 PC Optimum points work out to $50 in value, so essentially, you’re spending $100 only. You can redeem these points towards anything from Shoppers’ surprisingly extensive catalogue, which includes wireless headphones, video games, media streamers and cameras.

What does 20x the points mean?

20x the Points Event You get 20x the points you would get normally. Have to spend $50 usually to get the 20x the points. Spending $50 before tax would equal 10,000 points. If you do this 5 times ($250) you would accrue 50,000 points= $85 redemption.

How do you accumulate PC Points?

Earn points on the food and products that you buy most. Earn 15 points on almost every dollar you spend at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix. Earn PC Optimum points when you purchase fuel at more than 2000 Esso™ and Mobil™ stations across Canada.

Do you get points for prescriptions at Shoppers Drug Mart?

All PC Optimum members earn 15 points per dollar on eligible purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix. All PC Optimum members earn 15 points per dollar on eligible purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix. When you pay with your PC Money™ Account you will earn an additional 10 points per dollar.

How do you redeem Shoppers points?

Add the items you’d like to buy to your bag then proceed to checkout. Once your account is linked you’ll be able to view your points balance. Select the points amount you’d like to redeem on your order—from a value of $10 up to $500. The redeemable value of your points will be taken off your order total.

How are shoppers points calculated?

Return on every $1 spent 1, 2018 you’ll earn 45 PC Optimum Points per $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart, 30 PC Optimum Points per $1 spent where PC products are sold, and 10 PC Optimum Points per $1 spent on all other purchases.

How much is 5000 Optimum points worth?

Well, 5,000 points are worth $5, so you can basically get your cereal at 50% off. In this case, you might as well stock up on cereal and collect all those extra PC Optimum points.

How much is a Shoppers Optimum points worth?

Every 10,000 points is like $10 worth of free stuff. You can save your points for up to a maximum of $500 off on any one purchase!

Do you lose Optimum points on returns?

Upon the return or exchange of purchases earned through the redemption of PC Optimum points at Participating Stores and Program Participants, all redeemed PC Optimum points will be forfeited and the member will receive the value of the returned product in the form of a gift card.

Does Shoppers Drug Mart offer coupons & PC Optimum bonus points?

If you’re heading to Shoppers Drug Mart, be sure to check out the current Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons & Offers so you don’t miss out on potential savings & PC Optimum Bonus Points. CLICK HERE TO SHOP In-Store Product Bonus Offers

What can you get from Shoppers Drug Mart?

With your health & well being at the forefront of their principles, Shoppers Drug Mart offers a wide range of products. You can find your natural remedies, vitamins & supplements while having your prescription filled. Grab some body wash for you, diapers for the baby and a bag of milk all in one quick trip. Shoppers Drug Mart Newsletter

What are Drug Mart coupons & offers?

Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons & Offers help you save on everything you need from medications to makeup and personal care to groceries. Plus, you can collect PC Optimum Offerson every purchase you make. Previously, Shoppers had their own loyalty and rewards program, Optimum Points.

Can You Redeem mobile text alerts from Shoppers Drug Mart?

You can do that too! Sign up for mobile text alerts from Shoppers Drug Mart and get exclusive offers and promotions you can redeem right from your mobile device. Plus, you will get a mobile coupon for 10,000 PC Optimum Bonus Points on your next purchase when you spend $40 or more.

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