How do you get ideas for feature stories?

How do you get ideas for feature stories?

7 amazing sources of feature story ideas (Part 1)

  1. Conversations with friends and family. When I’m chatting with friends and family, something they’ll say will trigger a great idea for a feature article.
  2. Websites that publish press releases.
  3. Upcoming events.
  4. Blog posts by other writers.
  5. Community festivals.
  6. Niche websites.

What are the topics for feature stories?

10 Best Topics for Feature Writing

  1. The profile. This topic of a feature story brings a deep look into some personalities and is the staple of feature writing.
  2. Modern-Day heroes.
  3. Live-in.
  4. Unusual pets.
  5. Unusual jobs.
  6. Travel.
  7. Zoo animals.
  8. Celebrity life.

What is a good feature story?

Feature stories are descriptive and full of detail. Feature stories generally have a strong narrative line. Feature stories have a strong lead that grabs readers and makes them want to read on. Feature stories often depend on interviews.

What are some examples of features?

A distinct or outstanding part, quality, or characteristic of something. The definition of a feature is a part of the face, a quality, a special attraction, article or a major film showing in the theatre. An example of feature is a nose. An example of feature is freckles.

What’s another name for feature stories?

Feature stories are often just called features. One common type of feature story is a human-interest story.

What should I write in 2020?

101 Things to Write About for the Rest of 2020

  • Coronavirus This was an obvious one.
  • Medical supplies This is a broad topic.
  • Isolation Share your own isolation story or interview others for theirs.
  • Election 2020 Somebody has to write about it.
  • Joe Biden Because Election 2020.

What are the 7 types of feature articles?

Types of Feature Stories in Journalism

  • News Feature.
  • Informative Feature.
  • Personality Sketches.
  • Personal Experience Story.
  • Human Interest Feature Story.
  • Historical Feature.
  • Interpretative Feature.
  • Popularized Scientific Feature.

What is feature example?

What is the best topic for feature writing?

What are some good feature story ideas?

Feature Story Ideas 1. Modern day heroes 2. Unusual pets 3. Unusual jobs (or students who meet famous people as a result of their part-time job) 4. Making a comeback—students or faculty who have overcome incredible odds. 5. The rescue team—librarians who save your necks during research paper time.

How many new creative writing topics are in grade 5?

These 34 new creative writing topics for grade 5 students are designed especially to inspire new thoughts and ideas in your students.

What are the different types of hard-news stories?

Just as there are different kinds of hard-news stories, there are different kinds of features. Some of the main types include: The profile: An in-depth look at a newsmaker or other personality. The news feature: A hard-news subject told in feature style. The trend story: A breezy look at a current cultural phenomenon.

What are the best story ideas for a memoir?

Our first batch of story ideas are for any kind of story, whether a spy thriller or a memoir of your personal life. Here are the best story ideas: Tell the story of a scar, whether a physical scar or emotional one . To be a writer, said Stephen King, “The only requirement is the ability to remember every scar .”.

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