How do you get the current date in ColdFusion?

How do you get the current date in ColdFusion?

Use the Now() function to obtain the current date and time from the server.

How do you get the last day of the month in ColdFusion?

Therefore, all we need to do is compare the month of that day to the month we are looking at. If they are the same, we have our “last day”; if they are different, then by subtracting a week from that day, we will have found our “last day”.

Is ColdFusion an object?

ColdFusion (CFML) is object-oriented, period! CFML is an Object-Oriented programming language which means that all the things we interact with inside the virtual machine are objects, which in our case we will call Components (CFCs).

How do you check type in ColdFusion?

You can see the current (JVM) type of a variable by doing or simply by accessing getMetadata(var).

What are ColdFusion components?

ColdFusion Mobile Functions.

  • Accelerometer Functions.
  • Camera Functions.
  • Connection Functions.
  • Contact Functions.
  • Event Functions.
  • File System Functions.
  • Geolocation Functions.
  • Is null in ColdFusion?

    Note: Null is a reserved keyword in ColdFusion. You will not be allowed to create a variable named “null” in your application.

    What is ColdFusion CFC?

    ColdFusion components (otherwise known as CFCs) are a powerful feature of ColdFusion that allows developers to introduce object oriented programming techniques into their ColdFusion skillset. These techniques have proven to be an important part of object oriented languages such as Java, C++, VB etc.

    How do you call a CFC in ColdFusion?

    To invoke a method by using a ColdFusion or HTML form, do the following:

    1. Specify the CFC filename or path in the form or cfform tag action attribute.
    2. Specify the CFC method in a hidden form field, as follows: .

    What is Cfinvoke?

    This cfinvoke syntax applies to instantiating a web service with the cfobject tag and to. instantiating a web service with the CreateObject function.

    Is empty string ColdFusion?

    ColdFusion has some similar “truthiness” functionality to it. In CF we generally use the len() function to determine if a string has anything in it. Since ColdFusion converts nulls to empty strings, using trim() in conjunction would be a good idea, like so: .

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