How do you make a triple cross fishtail Rainbow loom?

How do you make a triple cross fishtail Rainbow loom?

Make a Rainbow Loom Triple Fishtail

  1. Let’s get ready to loom 😃.
  2. Grab your first colors.
  3. Place 2 more bands going the opposite way.
  4. Take 3 bands of your next color and place them on the loom like this.
  5. We are going to be making two more X’s.
  6. Take 2 more bands and cross your X’s.
  7. It’s time to loop.
  8. Pull it over the peg.

How to make fishtail loom?

1) Set up your loom just like for an ordinary fishtail. Pick two pegs to use. 2) Begin weaving an ordinary fishtail. Use your hook to grab one end of the bottom band and pull it over the top of the peg, so that it’s looped 3) Repeat two or three more times. Use the hook to bring both ends of the bottom rubber band over the top of the peg and the two other bands 4) Start the inverted stitch. You should have three bands on the pegs. 5) Repeat the above step with the other side of the band to complete the stitch. 6) Repeat the above steps to create your inverted fishtail bracelet. Use your hook to pull the middle band out of the way. 7) Continue until the bracelet is long enough. Depending on the size of your wrist, this can take more than 40 rubber bands. 8) Secure the end of the bracelet. Finish the way you started, with two regular fishtail stitches. 9) Take the bracelet off the loom, making sure to hold it securely so it doesn’t fall apart. 10) Use a C/S clip to secure both ends of the bracelet. Slide the two looped ends of the last band you wove onto one end of the C/S clip. 11) How do I put the last rubber band onto the top?

What is Rainbow Loom bracelet?

Rainbow Loom Bracelets are a blast to make and there are tons of stylish patterns to help guide your project. The Rainbow Loom is a piece of plastic that has a grid that makes 3 rows of plastic pins.

What is the Rainbow Loom Monster Tail?

The Monster Tail by Rainbow Loom Kit is a craft kit comprised of latex-free rubber bands, a loom and a hook.

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