How do you make an elf with paper?

How do you make an elf with paper?

Directions For How To Make A Paper Elf

  1. Cut out the template and trace around the elements.
  2. Attach the red glitter paper collar to the round green body.
  3. Accordion fold 4 green strips of paper for the arms and legs.
  4. Glue the arms and legs to the body and attach the mittens and boots to the ends of the arms and legs.

How do you make an elf puppet?

Cut two arms out of red or green cardstock. Cut two semi circular hands from your skin tone painted card and glue them on. Glue the elf’s arms onto the back of the paper cup. Finish off your Jumping Paper Cup Elf Puppet Craft by glueing a white pom pom onto the top of his hat and a red pom pom nose.

How do you make a Christmas elf hat out of paper?

Here are the instructions:

  1. First fold the construction paper in and cut off the excess forming a triangle.
  2. Then trace ears and cut them out.
  3. Then staple the two sides of the paper to form a cone and.
  4. staple the ears at the bottom of each side.
  5. Finally, glue the cotton ball to the top, and you are finished.

How do you make a paper elf for Christmas?

This paper elf craft is a fun and easy Christmas craft for kids to make! Download the printable template and make it with preschool, kindergarten, and elementary children. Download the elf template, print, and cut out the pieces you need. Begin to create the elf by gluing the hat to the top of his head. Next, glue the eyes slightly above the mouth.

What can you do with Elf paper bags?

This elf paper bag craft is easy to make and helps children work on their scissor skills. These elf crafts for kids are a great way to spend time together during the Christmas season! Make them to decorate your house or give them to those who might be lonely this year.

What crafts can you do with paper elves?

Photo crafts are especially fun because you can put them up as decoration. This Paper Elf Craft is so easy to make and is also a fun way to make your own elves to display around the house. This paper elf craft is so easy for little elves of all ages to create.

What can you do with Elf toilet paper rolls?

This elf toilet paper roll craft is a simple recycled craft that’s super easy to make! Grab your paper, pom poms, and glue and you’re all ready! There’s also a black and white version toddlers can color in! If your child loves seeing their handprints transformed into cute little crafts, this elf handprint card craft is perfect!

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