How do you pay for buses in Northern Ireland?

How do you pay for buses in Northern Ireland?

Paying on board for bus travel is cash only! Using Glider services – you need to buy your ticket before you board at the ticket vending machine (TVM). TVM’s are at every Glider halt and you can pay by cash or card.

How much do buses cost in Belfast?

Buses are available every half an hour during peak time. A single journey ticket is 2.50 Pounds while a return journey ticket costs 3.80 Pounds. Return tickets are valid for a month. A Metro Bus day ticket is also accepted on Airport Express 600 bus (details in ticketing section).

Can I use my English bus pass in Northern Ireland?

Can I use my UK seniors bus pass in Northern Ireland, particularly Belfast? No a pass issued in England cannot be used in Northern Ireland just as a pass issued in Northern Ireland cannot be used in England.

Can you pay by card on Belfast buses?

Contactless Payment Fully integrated – use on all bus, rail and BRT services.

Do Belfast buses take cards?

The new system will mean people will be able to use bank card or smart card contactless taps that will cover all Metro and Ulsterbus, glider, and rail in an integrated way, with the payment at the end of the journey.

How do you pay for the Metro bus in Belfast?

Buy your ticket from the driver (change given); cash fares within the city zone are £2. You can also buy DayLink cards (£3.50; available from the Metro kiosk, the Visit Belfast Welcome Centre and the Europa Bus Centre), giving you unlimited bus travel within the City Zone all day Monday to Saturday.

Can I use my free bus pass in Northern Ireland?

The Free Travel Scheme allows you to travel free of charge on all public transport owned by the State. You cannot use your existing free travel pass for free travel within Northern Ireland.

Can I use my bus pass on the train in Northern Ireland?

Transport concessions With a 60+ SmartPass you can travel anywhere in Northern Ireland on any Translink bus or rail service and a number of coach services completely free of charge. This allows free travel throughout all of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Do buses in NI take card?

Contactless Payment Use your existing credit/debit card with ‘contactless’ symbol. More convenience – Tap once to pay – no pin/no cash required for transactions under £30. Fully integrated – use on all bus, rail and BRT services.

How much is a single bus ticket in Dublin?

Dublin City Bus Network Adult single fares Adult Leap Adult Cash Stages 1 to 3 €1.55 €2.15 Stages 4 to 13 €2.25 €3.00 Over 13 Stages €2.50 €3.30 Xpresso €3.00 €3.80

Where can I find information about Bus Éireann tickets?

Visit the Taxsaver website for information on monthly and annual tickets. Bus Éireann fares vary by region and distance, with adult, student and child fares available. Multi-journey tickets are also available for regular users.

Can senior citizens travel for free in Northern Ireland?

Older people and people with a disability can travel for free, or for half fare, on public transport. Free travel passes from any other countries are not accepted in Northern Ireland. Senior citizens who live in the Republic of Ireland can, however, get all Ireland free travel at the age of 66.

How does TransLink work in Northern Ireland?

Translink is the main provider of public transport by bus and train in Northern Ireland. The Translink Metro (Belfast) bus services use low floor, wheelchair accessible vehicles. Each bus has visual displays and audio announcements so passengers know which stop is coming next.

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