How do you pronounce Kouyoumdjian?

How do you pronounce Kouyoumdjian?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Kouyoumdjian. kouy-oumd-jian. k-oo-y-uh-m-j-ih-n. Kouy-oumd-jian. Kouy-ou-m-djian.
  2. Meanings for Kouyoumdjian.
  3. Translations of Kouyoumdjian. Russian : Коюмджянов

How do you say okatie?

Okatie (pronounced “OH-kuh-tee”) is an unincorporated suburban community west of Hilton Head Island, located in Beaufort and Jasper counties, in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

How do you pronounce calibogue?

But you should know that Calibogue Sound is kal-uh-BOGE-ee – of course.

How do you pronounce Cheraw SC?

An alert reader sent us a copy of Town of Cheraw Resolution 7-92, which officially designates “chuh • RAW” as the correct pronunciation.

How do you say Beaufort SC?

Beaufort, North Carolina is pronounced “BOW-firt,” as in a bow and arrow. If you’re going to Beaufort, South Carolina, you must say, “BEW-furd. Ironically, both are named for an Englishman, Henry Somerset, the Second Duke of Beaufort, who never came to either North Carolina or South Carolina.

How do you say combahee?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Combahee. com-ba-hee. kuhm-bee. k-UM-b-ee.
  2. Meanings for Combahee.
  3. Examples of in a sentence.

How do you pronounce cherwa?

  1. Phonetic spelling of cheraw. cher-aw. ch-uh-r-AW.
  2. Meanings for cheraw.
  3. Translations of cheraw. Chinese : 奇罗 Korean : 주 체로사무소 Russian : Чиро

How do you pronounce Lachicotte?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Lachicotte. lachicotte. L-AE-SH-ih-k-ah-t. La-chicotte.
  2. Meanings for Lachicotte. It’s Brand name of a Real estate company in South Carolina.
  3. Translations of Lachicotte. Chinese : 拉希科特

Is Beaufort in NC or SC?

Beaufort (/ˈboʊfərt/ BOH-fərt) is a town in and the county seat of Carteret County, North Carolina, United States. Established in 1713 and incorporated in 1723, Beaufort is the fourth oldest town in North Carolina (after Bath, New Bern and Edenton).

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